Arcanes still drop in Challenges, right?

Arcanes still drop in Challenges, right? I only ask because I’ve gained 100 levels just on Adana challenges and haven’t seen even one. That’s 1,000 matches, and with a 1% drop rate that puts me at 1 in ~23,000 odds of that happening. Just bad luck, I guess?


Naturally. Two matches later, there it is.

There is an RNGesus, and he watches over us.

Ignore my ranting!


It was most probably the ranting that invoked the arcane drop.

Oh. My. Goodness. 1000 matches just for ONE Arcane Traitstone??

And here I was thinking that 1500 matches might be sufficient to farm TWELVE of those…

Guess that explains why those 4x traited Dust Devil teams have been off and running the traitstone farm over the past few weeks. So much for that!

It’s never been that bad for me. Usually I got one within about 100 matches, but this was a huge drought. Random numbers can be streaky, and recall bias is definitely a thing, but I was very clearly tracking the start- and endpoints of that grind…

When I was trying to get Arcane Deep stones to trait out my Rockworms I must have done 200-300 challenges and didn’t see one. Not one. I posted my own rant on the forum and the next pvp I did I got the stone I needed. Never did see one from Khaziel. I know your pain. :smile:

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having farmed a lot of them. have to say 1-100 is actually lucky. I think odds are much less for me running 2-300 per 1
1-1000 or 1-1500 though seems like a stretch of bad luck

for me it depends… if im trying to get runic, im more likely to get arcane or celestial. if im trying for arcane, i get runics…

To follow up, I needed three more stones after the Stone From Hell, and got all of them within 100 more matches. Mersenne Twister, we shall meet again…