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Has anyone ever done this?

I have logged in almost every single day for years now and collected my daily and monthly rewards, but haven’t played the game in almost as long…

Nobody has more keys than me, right?


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Whenever you go on the internet to ask a question of “Am I the only one…?” the answer is always no.

(All my kingdoms are 15-16)


You get those keys by mooching off the guild you’re in for 90% of the keys you got.

So the ironic thing is…


You are in fact the one bragging about being an asshole by only taking and not giving your guild anything for years.

Flag if y’all feel it’s necessary. But I’m still factual. 🤷


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My guild is me and me girlfriend who also doesn’t play. No orher members. So try again.

Nothing to see here. Mute and move along.


Sorry to have upset you.

The “lol” was probably too much — thought I was laughing with, not at, but totes get how that might not have been conveyed very well. I thought OP was posted in jest, and it literally did make me chuckle, so I thought I’d post a cheeky response.

The reason I showed the screenshot I did rather than the 300k+ red number total on my account that would compare to the 5k in your pic is because it shows the gold keys by themselves — the vast majority of those being passively earned through tributes when I stopped cashing gold keys in about a year (or two?) ago. Gotta ignore the glory, gem, and event keys, probably, because those I get in abundance from playing, not just logging in.

I don’t buy gold keys (can you, even? Not sure — come to think of it I don’t really buy any keys directly, as I only buy the $10 Campaign passes, so most of my collection is complete F2P earnings), so the picture was meant to answer your question of “Has anyone ever done this?”

My answer is “Yes.” Sort of. All those gold keys are just from logging in for the timeframe specified, with some skew involved from keys matched off boards and delivered from guild participation (brown statue only, right?)

Anyway — the reason I have more is I play more and my tributes are, therefore, bigger — I’ve upgraded my kingdoms. So…I guess it depends on how you look at it, whether that “counts” as “passively generated keys”? :man_shrugging:


So OPs post is about bragging about logging in every day for years without actually playing the game.

Well done bud! :joy: :rofl:


I didn’t know that the number of keys is a straight measurement for a-holeness, so as I have 0 keys, I’m happy to acknowledge that I must be a great person…


I think it’s more indictive of luck and activity.

But then again I am an asshole. So maybe the OP was right. :wink:


Don’t lie, that’s 800,965 gold chests that you’ve refused to open because you can only open 200 at a time and at this point you’ve said “Screw it, not happening.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (I’m kidding, I know it’s not, but my point still stands that 200 gold keys at a time is ridiculous!)


Wow!! With that kinda key stash you might just be the king of assholes :joy::joy:


I was considering working on reducing my gold key stash, but when opening 600 gold keys and one vault battle take about the same time…


Maybe a few more. :rofl:



I’m gonna convince a GoW certified dev when I get to 1 million gold keys to use a program to open them all in seconds instead of me taking hours of my life for it.


If you could open 200 keys every 4.5 seconds, it would take you 4.2 hours of non-stop clicking to open 681k. Of those, 681 would be gem chests containing 1-3 gems, so you’re looking at a whole possible 1300 gems from almost 4 1/2 hours of clicking.


Never been an issue for me really, just spend a few minutes here and there to keep my gold key stash at around 100k.

It’s the chaos portals we need to be given the ability to open more. 10 portals (that’s just like 10 chests) at a time is ridiculous.


Oh - I thought Riversong left the game in July :face_with_monocle:

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