Half priced Mythic in Soulforge going forward

After crafting the half priced weaver in the forge, I was thinking a nice little change of pace for veterans and newcomers alike would be maybe a monthly rotating half priced mythic. It would be amazing if there was a random mythic every week at half price, but I think that might mess up their balance too much. But a half priced mythic each month, or at least the first week of each month would be a wonderful change.

With so many mythics now, it would not break anything.


It kinda forced me to craft AW, knowing it’s a one time offer. Used almost all my diamonds that I had been saving for the moment that Iron hawk would come to the forge. Hoped it would not be there in awhile and look what popped to the forge :grin: So I agree, this would be a great thing!


"but I think that might mess up their balance too much. "

Which is why this idea will never occur.

Its a nice idea but the reality of the game is very clear currently with weavergate. They would have to respect their player base to give something actually reasonable , let alone special. Look at the so called Anniversary Stuff - useful- but not WOW - they had the chance to fix AW- but didn’t take it. Their so called soul-forge solution was actually unfair to many players. Still their anniversary will make a regular time to remind them of weavergate.


It was only great for players who hadn’t used keys to try and get weaver.


It is still an idea worth planting.

A half priced mythic in soulforge say during holidays or during sales I think would be very good idea. Yall could make it random. It wouldn’t have to fit in with the kingdom that week as to not upset balance or whatnot.

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