Make Legendary / Mythic crafting rotation more than once weekly


Making mythic rotation once a week is rather useless. especially if people need a certain Legendary or Mythic for an event. If they’re going to be gone that week for what ever reason or if people just flat out get bored of waiting. It wouldn’t be difficult to do nor would it make things easier for the player gameplay wise. It still takes the allotted time to earn enough diamonds to craft said Legendary / Mythic.


I found one thing both hate/excited in this game is waiting…You waiting a good pull , waiting a good mythic in soulforge, waiting an improved feature…

But I support you. As you side you still need diamond to craft them anyway


Rotating only once a week gives the guys, who don´t have all needed Diamonds for a certain Mythic to buy/dungeon them til the end of the week. At least that´s what happened when Ubastet came out in in our guild.
I´m waiting for Infernus myself so, yep - a faster rotation would be nice, but it would come with some downsides too.


Maybe OP want all mythic and legendary craftable at anytime?


Why not?

Screw the mythics but legendary’s defo would be useful, 90% of times i see “old players” advising teams i miss half of them (Mercy? what kind elusive creature is that?) and while saving diamonds to craft the legendary i want (as also saving event keys), like Divinia, next week will have enough for a mythic (i wont bother with unless there’s Infernus).

Not sure whar are you scared about, maybe that another old player with 23423 billions resources will craft troops he already own?

Cuz the way it work that forge not only make it almost useless for newer player but also make most of the advices here in the forum useful the same as the forge.


THAT is an awesome idea…would be helpful for us, and less programming for the devs… win/win…


I feel that with all the Mythics in the game, they should just increase the number of Mythics available to 5 or 6 per week now instead of 4 in the rotation.