Gw matches available

Does the total number of matches available to play in gw have any meaning because frequently more matches are played than are available lately?

Currently you can have any number available to play but actually play up to 150.

And what are the current promotion and relegation rules for divisions 1 2 and 3 these days on xbox because they seem to vary as well?


Guild wars - 30 members, every member has 5 battles per day, 150 battles total. A member can accumulate their battles, and do his 6 days of battles (6*5 = 30 battles) on sunday if they want.

Top guild in bracket goes up, bottom goes down, except in bracket 1 and 2: bottom 2 down, top 2 in bracket 2 up.

Does this solve your problem?

I think you mean top 2 in bracket 2 go up lol.

in correct bottom 3 go down in 2

also the matches available to play has a figure. it could be anything up to 150 - today we played a guild which displayed 145 matches available to play games played exceeded games available.

i was told that was impossible but like relegation from 3rd bottom it is now.

developer said that finishing 1st in lower tiers moved you up 2 divisions - that varies 2.

i see everybody either doesn’t know anymore or has a different take on promotion/ relegation, and doesn’t get that you can actually play more matches now than you have available to play.

ie i can see the opposing guild have a maximum of 140 games available to play but in reality they can now actually play 150 meaning any decision i make based on this false figure of 140 is flawed.

i can play for the win but it isn’t a win because in reality they have 10 more games left to play that are undeclared as available to play.