GW defense teams displaying wrong or actually switching

Platform, device version and operating system
Android - occurring on both my phone & tablet

Screenshot or image

I don’t have the editing ability right now so if this screen shot is a callout please remove it once you’ve obtained the info needed from it.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened

I set all 6 defense teams on Monday. Everything started out looking ok on Tuesday. Then at some point on Tuesday everything started going buggy. Viewing my GW defense page, day 1 team is normal but day 2 shows the correct team title but my day 3 team was in its place and at the bottom it tells me I only have 20 unique troops set up for the week because the day 3 team was still set correctly. Everything else looked normal. Now on Wednesday my day 3 team has done the same thing - title of the team is correct but it is now displaying my day 6 team duplicated instead (day 2 still showing wrong as well). I just mistakenly changed my class because I thought I forgot to and panicked when I saw the wrong team displayed!

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Started yesterday at some point. I’ve logged out of the game multiple times to see if it corrected it but it hasn’t. Day 2 change just started after I woke up and the game did it’s normal reset (game was still on over night but even closing the game doesn’t correct it). I closed the game on my tablet & opened it on my phone to find the same issue.

Steps to make it happen again

Open GW defense screen.

Is this going to catch up to me when I get to day 6 and actually cost me 2k points for a duplicate team? And are my opponents actually playing the team I set or the team being displayed?

Hey, thanks for reporting this.

Unfortunately, I can’t answer those questions at this stage as we’re still investigating the issue.

If you’re playing while connected to wifi, please try turning the router off for 30 seconds and turning it back on again to see if that helps.

Pretty sure wi-fi wasn’t part of it because the issue occurred while not on wi-to and persisted whether with or without it.

Of note on Sunday there was a brief moment where it appeared to have all reverted back for a short time but then jumbled back again at some point. Also of note day 4 (purple) never displayed an issue, only the other days.

The same thing happened to me.
Day 1: Ok
Day 2: The title of the team remained the same. But the troops changed. That new team wasn’t anything I had set. I didn’t have anything such in any other slots.
Day 3: It changed for day 6 team.
Day 4: Ok
Day 5: It changed for day 2 team. (In the meantime I had reused the slot and I didn’t have that day 2 team in any of my slots anymore)
Day 6: Ok.
I consider myself as very lucky to still have had 24 troops and a full defense bonus, but it was very annoying.
I don’t think that wi-fi was part of the bug either.

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