[Reported] Guild War's Defense switch up

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Screenshot or image:

Available if needed in private messages.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Expectation :

  • Tuesday: Anti-Brown - new Brown Defense team
  • Wednesday: Anti-Blue - new Blue Defense team

Reality :

  • Tuesday: Anti-Brown - old Red Defense team from last GW week.
  • Wednesday: Anti-Blue - old Yellow Defense team from last GW week.

I expected my 6 newly created GW defense team to be saved in the defense tab, but it’s not, and somehow switch to the one from last GW week instead. As colors order of each day are random, it caused all my counter teams to be mismatched against opponents’ GW daily color.

The banner and the name of the teams are still showing correctly, but all 4 troops are not. Checking on normal Troop manu, each of them are still showing the correct troops I have set on Monday. That might mean the game is refused to accept my 6 new team, but used the data from last GW week instead.

Could fully upgrade my 4 Sentinels before set the teams for each days have something to do with this? The one who would be the Paragon left the game last week, so I’m the Paragon again like last GW, could this have some effect? Or is it somehow involved switching GW schedule?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Daily. Twice now since it became a problem on Tuesday. Very likely to happen again tomorrow and the days after that.

Steps to make it happen again
Just wait for next Daily reset.

Did leaving the guild menu, entering PVP/mailbox then going back to Guild Wars Defense tab correct this?

Did you change your team in the “edit team” troop menu?
Or did you create your teams then exit the troop menu and set the defence teams by selecting the banners in the defence tab?

Did you notice any lag/connection issues around this time?

  1. No, it doesn’t help.
  2. I tried switching to other team, edit in GW manu, edit in troop manu. All doesn’t work. The game still pull data from last GW week.
  3. Same as above.
  4. There is no internet connection issue in the first hour of Monday’s weekly reset.

Everyday, I tried some new method that used to work in the past, but none of them work. Yesterday, my Yellow Defense team is switched to Purple one from last GW week. It doesn’t matter what will happen to the remaining 3 days now, as there is no matching color left.

I’m convinced it might have something to do with Sentinels upgrade. Usually, I would set my team first then update them later, as they usually help with locking the new teams in. This week, I do Sentinel update first, so it might be the cause. If I do the usual thing next GW and no longer have this problem, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, I’ll help looking for other causes of this problem.

@TimeKnight Do you leave the game running in the background all the time or do you force close it?
By default Android and iOS just leave apps running in the background unless you force exit them.

Also, do you already have update 4.1 installed? If so, did you re-order your teams?

Nope, always quit the game properly and restarting every time. Minimizing the game usually cause the lost battle data and other kind of problems. Or did you mean “Force Stop” in app management?

I tried it yesterday after installed 4.1 update, still doesn’t fix the problem. Still didn’t get to use the new re-order team change yet.

I meant force stop.

I’ve made a bug report for this.

Does it change at daily reset every day or does it change at any point of the day?

Ah, I see. I rarely force stop my app, so it might be the cause of problems.

Thanks for making bug report for me. I still think it have something to do with too-early Sentinels upgrades though. They usually help saving my them in early 2.0 GW days.

It always happened at daily reset everyday, all 6 day from Tuesday to Sunday. As the result, all my 6 GW defense teams this week are actually the ones from last GW week instead of the new one. I changed my defense every GW weeks, so I remembered it.

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@TimeKnight I’m really sorry that happened.

I’ll let you know if we need any further information about this.

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@Kafka we had someone in Black Dragon have saved GWs Defs monday (1st day of GWs) with screen shots. then tuesday (2nd day of GWs) his defenses are shuffled into a new order…

ill have to DM you the details since this is all sensitive info

Happend in our Guild as well.
At least two members (including me) placed a green defense yesterday and had a different one used today. i have my red - def in place, teammate some older (luckyly green) def.

I have not touched my defense teams in between and this is really messed up.

Hello :slight_smile:

What is your invite code and Guild name?

I’ll let the development team know about this issue.