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[More info needed] Guild War Defenses changing after being set

Platform, device version and operating system:

PC/Mobile but I have reports of it happening on others.

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

As you can see from the first images, the defense teams were set the first day of GW. By the second they had changed to different teams.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

People have been complaining about it forever but there have not been any forum bug reports in quite some time.

Steps to make it happen again

I dont know how to make it happen again.


  • The images are not mine. Just from one of the several people who reported it.
  • Device doesn’t seem to matter. I have spoken to people using every mobile device, PC, and some console players.
  • No changes to team order, vip level, or any other such things that may have effected team slots.

Afraid I couldnt get more info but it is entirely to common to not get some attention so I decided to make a post. Any similar old ones seemed very old.


I wonder if the instance this week is related to the patch release. Perhaps past incidences are similar because patches generally come GWs weeks. :man_shrugging: just an idea. Could be coincidence.

The “bug” happens when folks play on multiple devices. To keep the defense “saved” the player has to do a battle with that defense. Otherwise they risk it being changed when jumping between devices.

Also, it doesn’t really help to report bugs for others since the devs may need to check the actual account of the individual.
What I tell my members is… If they don’t care enough to report a bug, then they can’t expect the devs to care enough to fix it.
If the player doesn’t feel comfortable reporting the bug on the forums publicly. Then they can send a DM to @Kafka or do a ticket but selecting “technical issue” rather than bug category. It would help if they explained why they were reporting it that way instead of publicly on the forums.

It has happened on single devices as well. I specifically checked to see if it was multiple devices and for several it was a single one.

Then those individuals should definitely report this bug.

It happend to me on the previous GW week.

Happily, although I lost some points for not having 24 different troops, the team that got duplicated turned out to be much better for defence against the colour of the day than the one I’d designed it for…!

I got excited that it was multiple devices - see that makes sense.

Hopes were dashed when you said it happens when they only play on one device too :frowning:

Need more info from the players who actually have this issue - at this stage I’m still handling it like a technical issue if players who are affected want to contact us here:

Please don’t worry about whether I’m labelling this as a bug or a tech issue - it just means the reports are coming straight to the support inbox where I can have a proper 1:1 with the affected players and do more specific troubleshooting and make it easier for myself to check their data.


I will pass the word along and see if any are also willing to make a report. Thank you.

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Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to give any more info until the next GW week (IF it happens then as it’s only intermittent :frowning: )

All I recall is that, the previous GW week, I went into the Defence Team screen, set up my usual teams “Red Defence”, “Blue Defence”, “Green Defence” etc as appropriate, but a day or three later when I looked to see how they were getting on, the first (I think) day’s team had changed to a different colour.

That’s a seperate bug than the one that’s the issue here. People are alleging that during the current GW week they are changing their defense just to have it be reverted. Those who you use multiple devices it’s a known issue. It happening on a single device is an anomaly.
But I bet those on a single device are in all actuality talking about the defenses changing on a monthly basis like you are.