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GW defense merged two teams

PC - Operating system: Windows 10

https://gyazo.com/b0bdc062ba73fd8a391c0f9ba8ceb058 is what it was
https://gyazo.com/93a025085f98099f4c80ae46434fc7ae is what was supposed to happen after I switched it.
https://gyazo.com/e372821c026dcf1b200ab6451e02048a is somehow what my defense is set to now.

I have only experienced it this once.

I switched the team from AntiBrown to Divine using the “Your Teams” menu that displays upon clicking the banner/name area. It displayed the Divine Team as expected at the time. Checking it this morning shows it being a weird mix of the two. I’d almost guess that it’s just graphical, but the info bar at the bottom says I only have 20 unique troops set as I am using my AntiBrown team on a later day and thus have the team set twice due to this bug.

Hey Fluffy,

If all of your team editing was done in the Guild War menu, it won’t update in the battle screen until you leave and re-enter the GW menu, or any other menu for that matter. Please give that a go and let me know if it helps.

After additional testing, the only change being saved is the banner and team name. Each day at reset, the defense for that day changes back to what was used that day of the week in the last GW regardless of what it shows after re-entering the menu. Even exiting the entire application and re-entering shows the correct defense until the day actually starts.

I can not completely confirm that it changes to the defense I used that same day in the previous GW, but I know Tuesday’s defense reverted to the same defense I had for Tuesday last GW. Two more defenses reverted to defenses I had set for the previous GW (and no other time) and I’m extrapolating that those were the days I used them. I didn’t change the composition of the other two defenses, but they are now on the wrong days. I assume this is because the color of the day isn’t matching the same day of the week as last GW.

Hi! I had the same issue last guild wars. After day 1 started I decided to alter something at my day 2 defense team and encountered the same problem. The problem was I noticed it maybe 5 or 10 min. before day 2 started so time was running and at the end I left it as it was (almost the same state you are now). And, thanks god, directly as day 2 started and the defense team locked in (noticeable if the edit team button disappears and it’s show your defense result instead) it changed correctly to that team supposed to be. Maybe this happens at your place today too. But of course I can’t guarantee anything.

The issue has been added for the QA team to investigate, thanks for the report :slight_smile: