All GW Defense Teams are replaced trough PvP Defense Team

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I wanna check my Defense Teams and see this…

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I think its the new Patch, which caused this thing. Last GW was all fine and the teams are placed like every GW before.

It happened before the patch. I had to change all my Defenses yesterday 12 hours prior to the patch being released.

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In my example, properly set Defence Teams were mixed/misplaced again, so proper team setups were placed on a wrong Day/Color for Defence. I had to manually change it every week, because the setup was never permanently saved to properly counter the Attack Teams.

The order of the daily color is always different, so it’s impossible that the defense teams are always on the correct position.

When guild wars is an important thing in the guild, then the defense teams should be checked properly on Monday already. I think that’s what the topic starter did not do before :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t look for an mistake by the game, when the team is mixed up and you didn’t checked before :slight_smile:

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thanks ryan.

yay, gw is a thing but not importan for me or the guild, so, the teams are random… but always active, what is enough…

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@Barney_Stinson was this before or after you’d already checked your GW defenses for this week?

Before (10 char)