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GW def teams wont stay locked in

Defense teams wont stay locked in. Once you turn game off n restart it switches back to old defense.

how are we supposed to set six diffrent def teams when it keeps reverting once you shut down the game.
tried hitting edit team button once it is set but that dont work. this is on pc

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Try changing the team in slot one. Sometimes that seems to work but I’ve seen it keep revert over and over too.

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I spent 10 minutes yesterday trying to get the pvp defence to “stick”. It kept reverting to the first slot. I was not tinkering with teams in pvp etc which used to unhinge the chosen defence team. The problem started when I changed my defence team. Its ok now but I am loath to change it again :scream::scream:


once GW starts it locks it in

But I think we are supposed to be able to change those that havn’t started yet?
Those teams have the tendency to get reverted when we change them as well…

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@Ozball bro how do we the taems to stay locked in ? whats the password lol


In seriousness, are you changing the team by tapping the banner on the defense tab? or going into Edit Teams and changing it there? The second option won’t currently work.

I had to set team. Exit gw menu to main map. Reenter gw screen. Then exit back to map n quit game. then it set

yes i set it by going into defense set tab, pressed on team top banner

So my GW defense changed itself to something Ive never used as a GW defense before. Not a large problem though, only a bracket 1 match up with anonymous today. No big deal right?

But hey the new UI looks great according to Apple Microsoft and Sony, so who cares right?


Is Apple, Microsoft and Sony a person or is it the AI robots again? My money says it’s the dreaded AI filling the Devs with Fake News.