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Setting GW defense

I’ve seen this mentioned a couple of times but I haven’t seen a fix yet. I set my defense teams for GW, check them a couple of times throughout the day, yet, eventually, my teams go back to my default team. Can we get a Save button, perhaps?


I experienced this problem today for the first time. I sat my defence teams a couple of hours after reset, but 12 hours later I changed one of the teams. That one change kept reverting to what ir was before. I’d change it again, leave to the main menu, and reload the game. It took 5 tries for it to save my defences right.
Paranoid as this made me, I’ve since gone back to check if it hadn’t reverted to the old one every couple of hours, seems to be OK for now.

i set it 7 times new today and always after a couple of battles, all days are back to the normal pvp defense team. its ridiculous

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There have been many proposed fixes.
It’s buried somewhere in these threads, but I’ll post my solutions anyway.

How to Save Teams

(The Long Version)

  1. Go to the GW Defense Interface

  2. Make sure the Last Team on the Last Day is the Wrong Team. If it happens to be the right team you want, choose a different Day and designate that as the LAST team you’ll be setting.

  3. Now, for the other 5 Days, go ahead and change them to the Teams you want. Click on the Banner to change team, NOT the “Edit Team” button.

  4. Next, when you’re down to the Last Team (this is the wrong one you designated in step 2, click “Edit Team”

  5. “Rename Team” to a different name. You can add or subtract a letter, just make sure something’s changed!
    Once you’ve changed the name, you should see a spinning loading icon letting you know the name been saved.

  6. Exit back to GW Defense Interface. This time, click on the Team Banner, and then browse and choose the target Correct Team you want for that final day.

  7. Exit back to World map. You should see another spinning icon letting you know the GW defense change has been saved.

(OR the Short Version in a nutshell…)
Go put the Wrong team on the last day. Put in the other 5 correctly… then edit the Wrong team’s name… then go back… then choose Correct team… and back out…

Good luck!

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Here’s the original tutorial for how to make them stick:

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I’ll likely jinx myself by saying this but I’ve so far not had all the issues everyone else keeps talking about. I’ve only had my teams revert to my PvP defense team. I’ve resolved it by setting whatever team I’m using on day one as my PvP defense and it has stuck each time, and all my other teams stick the rest of the week as well.

Hope that works for some people.

I’ve found it erratic. Sometimes works fine. Just now I’m setting them for the fifth time in a day…

I totally agree this is ridiculous. Every week I need to post solutions for panicked members of my guild, and every week I wonder how many of my players aren’t jumping backwards through hoops to make make this basic function work properly. This is a core GW function that has been unfixed for too long.

I don’t care that it works for me without problems most of the time. It needs to work for everyone, every time.


I’ve had this problem at least twice. It may have happened more, I’m not constantly checking my GW defense teams after I’ve set them. I’ll try the kooky workaround mentioned above, but in my opinion it shouldn’t be necessary. If we’re going to have daily defense teams, this should work properly without the game mysteriously resetting them.

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I could not agree more. It needs to be fixed period if they wanted us vested in creating teams that generate the most bonus points. Come on developers, let’s find a permanent solution and not have to work around this each week. I reset 5 times on Monday and lost all my strategy each time in my frustration.

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Hey guys,

For updates on major issues please sign up to our help center and ‘follow’ the known issue articles.

Please know that if we could have fixed this by now we would have. We’re well aware of this issue and how it is impacting you! There’s no reason we would neglect the problem. The issue is fixed in the next update.

This is not resolved currently because it requires a code fix done directly to the game client, meaning we need to wait until the next update. We cannot bring the update release forward due to various restrictions from external factors, deadlines, etc.

We hope to have the next update launching before Christmas! :sun_with_face:


Thank you for the update. It’s too bad the fix can’t happen sooner. I know several people have already quit the game over the frustration of this issue.