PvP Defense Team Not Updating

I often swap around my defense teams but they keep resetting to the previous team lineup for some reason, is this a know problem? I check my win/lose notification and i’m surprised but then find out that the shit team is still listed, any way to ensure my team is properly set so I don’t have to keep going in > out > in > out > in > out > in > out etc. ???

Is it resetting to team #1? Reason I ask is that I have had this problem and so have others. If this is the case then just set team #1 as your defense and change that as and when you need to.


Yeah it is, and today even the gem priority set to default. I’ll just have to switch my teams around then, cheers.

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It’s a known issue. I just keep going in - out - in - out until it sticks. Usually only takes a couple times. Switching my defence team to slot 1 would be pretty smart!

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In addition you can ‘mostly’ prevent this bug from occurring by not editing your teams from the battle menu. If you back out to the main screen go into the ‘Troops’ Menu to edit teams it shouldn’t occur.

I never edit my teams from the battle menu, but only from the troops menu. If I choose a team in a different slot to be my PVP defence team, it changes to whatever team is in slot 1. Then if I change it from there to the team I want, it usually sticks.

I’ve noticed it occasionally “looses” my PvP defend team after making a quick edit to a team, right before a battle.

Anyhow… it would be nice if this was fixed.

Just thought i’d mention it’s still happening after today’s patch, I know it’s a long shot but if anyone who can fix this is reading this please sort it out for the next patch.

EDIT: I’m currently editing the team which isn’t in first position through the PvP defense tab, and which open slot #13 it shows the team for slot #1 meaning I cannot edit through here…that’s a pretty big bug in my opinion and should’ve been fixed ages ago!

I know you say do it through the troops tab and always have slot #1 but it makes managing my teams more of a pain than it needs to be.