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GW Defense Teams STILL Resetting (Update?)

So, the first week of the new 24 troop system went smoothly for me, since then, I have not had much luck. I set up all my original defense teams and see that I will receive my 12,000 bonus points, only to discover on Tuesday morning that all of my teams have been reset to my PVP.

This is hurting my guild, ALOT and is VERY upsetting.

Any update on the status of the fix for this non-sticky defense team issue would be more than welcome.




I have not heard any dev update other than they were looking into it and that they provided a temporary fix to get your teams to stick.

Their solution was similar to my temp fix, which has worked all 3 weeks so far for me. It’s a pain, but can be done.

Here’s the solution that has been working for me.

In the second and third weeks, instead of completely backing out on step 6, I just back out once to the GW defense menu and then repeat the process for the next day. After all 6 are complete, then I usually quit the game fully.

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Thanks for this, I will try your method next week, it is frustrating to say the least that we have to go to these lengths to get a pretty critical mechanic to function correctly.

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You can still try it for this week, and get the remaining 5 teams in order. I believe only today is locked so far.

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I followed your method and it seems like my other 5 days are good… only time will tell…

I am playing on PC and iOS just in case some dev is keeping tabs of who is experiencing this non-stick issue and across which platforms.


Some of my guild members are still having this problem…
Why is this not fixed yet? You can’t assume everyone read the forum and is willing to follow the weird, non-intuitive, and elaborate workaround manners to save their teams ==


This is my concern. When you have garish big issues like this over critical content like GW then I would much rather see time, resources, and energy spent fixing and not on new content.

Lets make what we have the best it can be before adding more mud to the puddle. :wink:

They said it should be fixed with the next patch. Does it mean 2 months to wait?
Many of my guild members are having the problem this week and the workarounds that used to help don’t work for us anymore.

My teams don’t reset, but my bonus points are all messed up. I use 24 different troops and at first it says potential bonus 12000, then when i start scrolling through them it decreases to 22 troops, then 21. Haven’t changed teams since reset and didn’t use any of these 24 in my pvp defense cuz this happened last week too and i thought maybe that was why, even though it shouldn’t be a factor. I don’t get it.


It has also happened to a few people in my guild last week.

I noticed that the numbers can change as well but u think that is a display error, as the bumberz get smaller towards the end of the week, but I still received 2,000 points per day regardless of what it says.

Maybe it’s counting less as u pass over days?

It decreased as i went without troops beimg changed. Also when i looked today after playing gw my current points were 4000 current, then went down to 3500, then when i logged in again after doing a hard reset it was back at 4000 and i didn’t scroll over cuz i didn’t wanna get mad or jinx myself. May be just a visual error though? I get bonus points at the end of the first round, and we’re pretty close with scores for the top 7 in my guild, within 200 points of each other and i know they get the bonus too. But others also said they were having the same problem last week, so it could go either way. Haven’t heard any official answer.

Both my accounts reset - after making multiple times sure they were going to be the right teams before 11 pm last night.

I’ve done all the work arounds, but both my primary account literally reset sometime after 10:50 pm and before I GW at 11:30 pm

And the only thing I did was log out and log back in 1/2 hour later. One is strictly on PC and one I go between Mobile and PC.

ETA on any update or idea what to do?

Have you tried my solution to getting your teams to lock? It has worked for me since the problem was introduced. I’ve posted it in every thread made about teams resetting.

  1. On whatever defense team you want to change, select “edit team”.
  2. While in edit team, tap the banner and switch to the team you would like to use.
  3. Hit the back arrow once (top left corner).
  4. (Team should be still the original unwanted team) Now switch to the team you want by tapping the banner and selecting the correct team.
  5. Lastly, to lock that choice in, hit “edit team” on the new, correct team.
  6. Back out with the arrow in the top. Your team will now be successfully locked in.

Repeat the above steps for all your GW teams.


Trying this approach today. I am so tired of having things reset. Last night I spent an hour setting up - doing the casual pvp method as well. This morning - log in - back to the last team in my grid.

Now to see if this really works.

Mine has worked each week. I’ve had no problems with it. At the start of each week, my GW teams will all be changed to by PvP defense team. I can just repeat the steps on Monday and get them all back to normal.

I still want them to fix the issue for the ease of setting teams, but in the meantime, I’m glad to have a workaround.

i have re picked my defense teams 3 times today and they keep resetting back to PVP team. this is weird since i did not have this issue the first couple weeks of the new defense teams. i tried a few ways of setting teams and restarting the game but only following Zippity’s instructions above locked in the team for me. so…what changed this week to make the teams particularly hard to lock in?

I don’t know what would have changed for you. This problem for me started right with 3.2 when they introduced the rewards for different defense teams.

It didn’t happen to me the first two weeks then happened on the third week the first day then no others. It’s happening again this week. Really weird. I’m assuming there’s some behaviors that lock and maybe even some that unlock and I got lucky for a couple of weeks.

My back-up strat: Since it’s a purple day for the start of the week and it defaults to your PvP defense, I set my PvP defense to my purple defense team. That way, at the very least, I know tomorrow it will use the purple defense on purple day to start the week.