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Guilds Overall Renown

I’ve noticed as of late that those who enjoy the Faction/Delves side of GoW tend to enjoy the game more. Given how much work has gone into delves I imagine the Devs are happy with that outcome.
I would like to see more encouragement for players who won’t give the Delves a chance for various reasons we don’t need to get into right now.

Currently each individual player renown is tallied and displayed in their profile. I would like there to be a guild tally that adds all 30 individual players renown and has the total appear on the guild info screen.

Perhaps even include bonuses for X amount of guild renown. Like you do for guild statues and trophies.

I imagine a constant tally would be taxing on the system. So I would have a set date and time for the information to update. Such as weekly reset.


Well I’m going to go into my reason which is that I can’t afford to splash out sufficient Gems to buy Tier 7 multiple times to actually give myself a chance at completing Level 500!

I would have little doubt that that’s the same for a lot of people.

Could make the same argument (in a way) in regards to guild wars and the ranks that are displayed.
Those that don’t want to invest the time or the gems (if you think about weapons and troop collections) will never have a guild that’s in the top bracket.

At least this idea isn’t blocked behind time. Only effort… And yes gems.

Gems or gold. Lots of gold. AND patience. Lots of patience.


Faction teams is hard, but you can get most delves to level 500 with regular teams outside of delve events and get 2000 renown for the faction. At 3 levels per day it’s slow going, but totally doable. That’s how I got most of my factions to 2100 (lvl 500 with regular teams outside of events + lvl 100 with a faction team on a Tuesday event).

That’s just to say, delves are not an all or nothing kind of thing. You don’t have to go to lvl 500 to get something out of it :slight_smile:

I like the idea. I’m pretty happy with the slow and steady progression I’m making in my daily delves. Since getting Zuul, upping my renown has been my main longterm goal in the game. Encouraging more players towards it would be nice :smiley:


Yes, that’s what I was referring to.

I have several factions with 2000 points, but slogging through the Events to get to Level 500 and then spending hours in the hope of getting lucky with a Faction Team takes more Gems and time than I’m willing to invest.

It would be nice if, as others have suggested, you could do Faction Events at the level you already have the Faction at, but I very much doubt that’s going to happen.


totaly agree that total underground reown of guild members could be presented in Guild Screen.
Event if it would update only once per week.

And i wouldnt mind if it would be only a visual statistic and nothing more. Just a thing to see and compare yourself.