Guild Wars, Point-Scoring for Battles, and You!


Just some benchmarks I’m keeping in mind in lieu of breaking out the calculator every time. But of course flat score would be better.
1400 is:
1st battle: 1167
2nd battle: 1283
3rd battle: 1400
4th battle: 1517
5th battle: 1633
(these are in 117-increments)


I have no idea - 2 weeks worth of scores and not one similar score, - even winning with all 4 troops of the right color.

And yet without any real ideas what to change to improve - it’s kinda a crapshoot.

btw, unless the ai is really good, it can’t predict a fall - two steps ahead…where a person staring at a screen could - force a move that may give mana to the other team but create a 4 match drop for them.

So this ’ good player ’ idea is really subjective.


I managed to go all week without losing a battle in bracket 1 on the ps4, but I didn’t break 40,000 points, I ended up with a shade over 39,000 as today on red day I played safe with only two reds. It’s very rare that I use all 4 same colours.


It was red day on pc/mobile too i used bat valk bat v.portal… I went in breakin fools off in every direction


After a bit of testing, Infernal Armor counts overflow damage when it determines how much to reflect. Presumably Thorns does the same. I assume, then, that overflow damage is counted in the scoring calculations, since it counts against me in battle.

Would be nice to get official answers, though.


I’m still unclear how using the “correct daily color” is factored in. Also, is there any points for defensive teams, given we can select specific teams for specific colors?


No it’s only working for invasion but when we get the next update we should get more point for using different troops in defense


You get a bonus of 50% base value for each troop you use whose colors include the daily color. It does not have to be mono-colored (common, imp, hero weapon).

Edit: I forgot that this info is clearly visible on the schedule screen of GW. It is up to 50% per troop of each color, if your guild guardian statue of that color is high enough in level.


I thought the color bonus was 50 points to the base per appropriate colored troop you use. Then other bonuses are multiplied with that new base score. So the first battle would have a base of 450 points if you used 4 troops of the daily color before all other bonuses are added in. I could be wrong of course…but considering the schedule screen says “+50 per (color) troop”…


The “50per color” is probably a text conversion error, where the percent symbol is triggering some string literal in C#. The bonus has always been up to 50%, based on statue level. I have edited my first post to reflect the fact that my brain started working again.


That can’t be a %…50% for each troop would mean base of 1265 points for 1st battle…


It’s additive, not multiplicative. First battle is 750 points if you take the right troops in and win, no matter what else happens.


Makes more sense for sure.


Is there any benefit yduring GW to use characters with solid color (both halves of the color are the same).

So if you have 4 troops on a yellow day.
One with yellow/red
One with yellow/blue
One with yellow/green
One with yellow/yellow

Will you get more points for having yellow/yellow characters or does it only apply to one side being of the assigned daily color?


I don’t think so.


nope you wouldnt


Thanks! Makes it much easier to pick a team now.

One other question, do you get more points having the day’s color in your defending team? Or does defending team not matter?


Color doesn’t matter in defense. Only number of unique troops you use during the week scores you bonus points. And obviously if people lose to it you’re denying them points.


You don’t get more points for having the day’s color in your defending team, but you do get additional points for having unique troops in your defending team.

EDIT: Sniped!


Thanks. Good to know!