Guild Wars, Point-Scoring for Battles, and You!


It’s 985,000 with 4 people left that haven’t finished their battles today.


So doable but could be close if they have a bad run. Good luck to you.


On PC/mobile the first 3 guilds are over 1,1m


But didn’t someone there hit 1 million before this week? For consoles 800k would be a high score so jumping more than 200k from thw previous set of highs is pretty noteworthy.


Yes, on a few occasions, although not the last weeks before the break.
Most guids in bracket 1 and a few in bracket 2 have already made more than 1 million this week.


@Shiratori 990k right now


You know what would be fun and doable, even if it requires work.

Guild of Thieves enters in their defense.
Risin’Phreekz enters in theirs.

The statistical info from both guilds is set up on the other platform as a special challenger since you don’t really fight rhe other people, just their data and information.

Have a cross console guild wars to see who is the best overall. To be fair, you’d need all 6 days worth but still. If you really want to make it fully entertaining, bring Anonymous in too for a 3 way once all platforms have the same ai. Yes it would mean having to enter all the data in on each platform but the idea here isn’t to work out thr logistics. Just more of a theorycrafting all star battle.


@Shiratori break the million with couple guys left


Congrats Thieves



we were short a player so not bad! I will take it!


1 player who would have won it for you if they were competent.


COLOR_BONUS = some undefined flat number
SURVIVAL_BONUS = NumTroopsSurviving * A%
SPEED_BONUS = Max(0,30-MyTurnsTaken,0) * B%
MANA_BONUS = Min(4, MyTotalMana/EnemyTotalMana) * C%
DAMAGE_BONUS = Min(4, MyTotalDamage/EnemyTotalDamage) * D%


How does Damage_bonus work if the opponent never deals any damage in the match? What if I destroy him before he can damage me at all? Does that default to the minimum modifier 4D% because a divide by zero figure is untenable? Do you assume minimum EnemyTotalDamage is 1? Is it unfair to penalize true damage teams, attrition teams, and life/armor refreshers as a strategy with this metric? e.g. is damage taken or minimum required damage dealt really a negative play style if it is planned? If so, why include the mechanic to raise life or defense in the game? Doesn’t this metric, by nature, cover the “speed” bonus? e.g. is it even possible to achieve more than the minimum of 4D% in a longer match? You have to score more than 4 times the damage than your opponent in order to do more than the minimum.

Speed Bonus (as implemented) and Mana Bonus feel arbitrary. What if the board drops mana that advantages the AI, but not you? Is this skewed towards “Fast” and “Empowered” teams? How much does “luck of the board” impact these? If these are arbitrary, are these a measure of the player’s skill, or of his luck with RNGesus? Again, you have to obtain more than 4 times your opponent’s mana to do more than the minumum.


This week should be a little better for us we going to have 3 more players all the up to 29 active! almost everyone😎


I much preferred the flat 300 a match scoring.

it used to be easy to tell if I played well. 1400+ it was a good score less than 1350 a bad score.

Now it is harder to tell with out resorting to a calculator (i got 1265 for first battle… was that good or poor?)


At the moment I think it is good. I did about the same score with a full daily color team today. Very early to say, but I do about 100 points less than last week.


yeah, this week im finding myself not only not knowing how to perform well but also not knowing if i actually performed well or not.


Now that the base scores are variable, and the formula much more complex, I think it’s even more important to get a breakdown of 0-5 stars for each of the squishy components: speed, damage ratio, mana ratio. (It’s rather easy to tell how well you did on color usage and surviving troops.)


1671 +1709 my two best today


@Saltypatra, can you have someone check and answer the following questions about Guild Wars scoring?

To this, I add the following questions:

  • Does mana that doesn’t go to a troop count (e.g a brown match when you have no brown troops)?
  • Does Dwarven Gate’s spell count as mana gained?
  • Do Thorns/Infernal Armor count towards damage dealt?
  • When Dwarven Slayer “dies gloriously”, does anyone get credited for that damage? How about Gar’Nok’s spell?