Guild Wars, Point-Scoring for Battles, and You!


I would LOVE to have 29 that’s like a full team!!!.. I’d even take the upper 20s, but whatever. Doesn’t matter much, I’m need days/weeks off too.


G. Assassins have no more than 29 but they may have same problems as you for all I know! Not much difference between 3rd and 4th or even 6th as far as resources! 100 gems difference big deal!


I’m still waiting to hear the reason for changing the simple scoring system we had and was working well. From what I can tell almost everyone is still using the same defense teams, almost everyone is still using the same attack teams, the rankings still has everyone basically the same order as before. So what has the change improved? Can anyone tell me please?


@Fleg i don’t know, all they had to do is change 300 points for each fight and remove the statue bonus and everything else was fine, no need to change the whole system


If nothing has changed then why complain! I know we are doing ok with this new system but cannot speak for all guilds! My guild I’m in do their fights and move on about their day! I think the devs explained why they changed it! I think they want to make guild wars more challenging not just did you win or lose! I think they said more changes are coming and are based on feedback from the people that play! Other than that I would just enjoy your free resources! I am!


The meta won’t change overnight. We’ve only had this system for a week now, and have spent that time figuring out how to get the most out of the new system. Players also haven’t had any incentive to try anything new on defense yet as the defense menu isn’t coming for a while still. If the defensive meta hasn’t shifted yet, there is no need for the invade meta to shift either. And if neither of them have shifted then of course the rankings are going to be pretty much the same.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Until the player base starts experimenting with different defenses, nothing will change. How the new system has improved things is by lifting the restrictions the old system had on what a good defense can be.


Can you explain what you mean by this? The best defense has always been the one that has the best chance of defeating the enemy. Changing the scoring mechanics will never alter this.


No defense has a realistic chance of defeating the player. Any victories are reliant on luck at the highest levels, and bad luck by the AI essentially hands the human player a max-score victory under the old system.

Under the new system, AIs can try to out-gain the human player in mana, do a bunch of damage to reduce that ratio, or outright go for the devour/instakill chance to reduce survivor bonuses. Defenses can also try to throw roadblocks (impervious troops, healing troops, reduced damage traits) to draw out the match and take away the speed bonus.

Lots more ways to deny your opponent points in the new system, and survivor bonus is the least of them: you take away more points reducing the damage ratio from x4 to x3 than you do successfully death-marking a single troop.


Lost 3 this week, went off color for a few battles. Pulled in 35,815.

I like having the higher scoring. IMO we keep the changes and be done with it until the next update.


For those of us who don’t have famine… There are now alternatives.
And those who got the fundamentals of scoring system already know how to minimize enemy points. Because without Psion Famine you don’t even have to bother. Your defense won’t win.
So why not use that scoring system to at least minimize the points ?


I didn’t even field psion or famine at all this week and I got quite good amount of defense win in GWs.


Can you share your team? If not public then pm me, thanks


You’re in a quite different league, though :smile:
… Still, knowing how to reduce enemy points if you someone cannot find a team to win with … that’s a good thing.

I mean obviously, there is the (in)famous justice team. But then again - it also relies on luck as mentioned before.


They need to sort this wins counting as losses bollocks. It’s a real pizzler.


I agree. It happened to me yesterday. I don’t mind losing a battle. Not even in GW (I lost 3 GW matches this week so it’s not like that never happens anyway), but winning a GW match and having it count as a loss is just a real fun killer…


Yes, one’s of quimby just had his 5 battle count as a loss against the phreex after winning his previous 4. It totally spoilt his gw today. It’s not on. This needs fixing ASAP but tbh, I’m not sure if they even know what to do about it.


The “fix” for that is to lose deliberately. You’ll get the loss score normally and you can win future matches and have them count properly. Otherwise every win is a loss and you get 0 points. Can’t tell you what causes it, just this is the only way out of it.


Now I’m even more confused, I don’t understand any of that!


My guess is there’s a glitch in the win function that when triggered causes the gw result to show as a loss and isn’t cleared so each win after that counts as a loss too. Losing resets things so you do get some points instead of 0 and future matches operate normally so wins are corrected after that.

Still sucks regardless and can’t tell you what causes it. At least there’s a workaround for you to enjoy that 3-2 day at best.


@Rickygervais - what’s your guild’s score for the week? We broke 1 million here on the ps4 already.

(Though I guess anyone in the Xbox side can say what the top guild is doing over there.)