Guild Wars, Point-Scoring for Battles, and You!


Despite the fact we are in good position to win GW on Xbox, I still feel its a random access to 1st prize and I dont like that! (Random Access…some Amiga nostalgia…a time where video games were more simple but not less fun).


I mostly agree with you though on the ps4 side it’s still 1-3 and everyone else and with that day 1 is close between them and then 1 pulls further away each day. It’s the everyone else that has more volatility than before.


4,5,6 are about the same each week by the end as well on ps4. It’s not over yet tho.


Yeah SF1 usually doesn’t finish 5th. They have before but they also been down in bracket 2. Quimby usually did better but they’re having staffing issues.


Here are the rest


When next week rolls around we’ll be full force. We are running 29 this week.


Can we see how we pc and mobile are doing anyone?


@Aelthwyn has been great with that if she’d like to share that here.


And I’d like to see xbox to @Rickygervais hook us up, this may help the devs decide what to do about scoring.


The scoring is up simply because the max values went up and the penalties went down. This made even bad guilds look better than they are.


Well they were talking about tweaking it again but now I really don’t think it needs it.

I Like the mysteryof eondering what Max points are.


1500 apparently. No one has reported reaching that after the first day.


I agree with you on that, and I don’t think anyone has hit it.

A unachievable max score? Possible.


Unlikely achievable. You’d have to win by making 1 action and let the cascades take you to victory.


On xbox 1 and 2 are kinda close then big gap then 3 and 4 are very close! Number 2 only had 29 players this week and a few have not done battle today and at least one not yesterday either so we will see!


  1. Thieves 838000 2. Unforgiven 790000 3. G. Assassins 708000 4. Alliance 705000 5. Strange Magic 692000 from bracket 2 of all things! Surprised by that!


We are down so many players this week it’s ridiculous and I can’t even keep count. 2 players on vacation missing all battles (1 for 3 weeks), 2 quit Gems mid-week forever due to GW (one on Monday), 1 quit mid-week and but was talked into finishing a few of her matches begrudgingly.

I have no idea how were not in 10th place.


I know assassins have 29 also! We have 30 now but the new person cannot participate til next GW! Would have been nice to have 30 to see how we would have done!


I would have taken pic but my IPhone would not let me lol!