Guild Wars, Point-Scoring for Battles, and You!


That would be a very boring world indeed if everybody got along. And hey, we would probably stop playing PVP because we don’t want to beat others :stuck_out_tongue:

And to address Saluki: there are people who disagree with the scoring change and other than getting rid of guild statues’ bonus I read no requests to change GW scoring. So this is a mess that the devs created because… I don’t know what was the purpose because again, I heard of no situation where guilds got exact same score.


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actually thats ideal use of randomness in point distribution to me
(imo enough of randomness is already inside the actual battle so once you deal with it - you should get appropriate score, not a random)

if must happen - only applied at actual ties
if the affected party arent happy its understandable, but if you want to make guilds unhappy why make unhappy all of them instead of the minimal amount of affected?
alternatively if it makes ppl so unhappy this whole idea is rather to be scrapped not broadened to infect all




1485 for a five action win. confirms 3 points per action


How would that be humanly possible, if may I ask?
1 for lucky board move. 2 for casting an exploder. 3,4,5 for casting Elemaugrim.
… Which wouldn’t work because Ragnagord blocks Elemaugrim on mana and couldn’t fill him in 1 one cast. Infernus wouldn’t kill them all.

Krystenaxes block each other on mana.

Unless you elaborate, I wouldn’t believe this happened. If 3 troops died to death mark or something, your damage would just evaporate and wouldn’t count towards 1485.

Also, one more thing. When I asked about 1500 being the unachievable ceiling - I asked it because of human factor. (you cannot win in 1 turn). Not because 1500 is the limit.


Technically you can win in 1 turn. If after whatever move you make, there are sufficient cascades to kill off the enemies. Very long long shot with a lot of luck but not impossible (4 matches with Kraken, Moloch, or Plague to whittle away, skull cascades aided by Archer or Assassin classes or Kruarg to 1 hit kill).

Considering I did get 3 Archer procs in 1 round from cascades, I would say very rare but still possible. (My score was 1470 that round too)


Moves/actions and not turns. So you should need to win without doing any actions. Good luck :wink: .

So no it’s impossible to maximize the speed bonus.


If cascades count as a move/action then I wouldn’t even want to bother figuring anything else out since they can be outside your control. Same for traits activating off cascades.


Here’s a bizarre question for the Devs - How can they award on mana usage without fully understanding the person’s play style?

I tend to plot short and long term moves so I can get the most out of what I need. This means I tend to give up skull attacks to get mana, use TDS to full Krys and then play back and forth with the two of them. But unless you watched my games for a bit, you would think I am don’t see moves that I could use or skull damage.

in addition, does it take into account Entangled - 1st position - forcing them to do skulls on their turn?

I can see a lot of different playing styles that I can’t see how the dev could even predict point usage there.


That’s a good point. Haven’t thought of that one.


That was my initial thought.

Why should anyone be penalized for doing something as perfectly safe as taking a cascade of 4 / 5.
… It’s safe. Without any harm whatsoever. If you take a 4 match, which results in only 1 option to move the board, and that one gives enemy multiple cascades of mana … You are already penalized on mana.

If someone prefers a valid safe game-play of looping Healers … Let them do that. They are penalized by Death Marks, Frozen and devour. Why take someone’s points for playing the game right ? If they don’t play it right - the game WILL take their points one way or another.


One troop defense do occasionally still leak into Guild Wars. If you see a single level one on the correct day (anything but brown or red), it would be easy to win in one action by simply stacking guild wars troops behind an empowered true damage user and one shotting them.

Things like this keep getting brought up, and I’m not sure why. All that is required to maximize the damage condition is that you deal four times as much damage as your opponent, and if the opponent deals zero, you automatically fullfill the condition and get the max possible score in this category. If you give up one skull, for say, 15 damage on a stoneskin troop, you need only deal 60 actual damage to max out your score in damage. You can still achieve this even with liberal use of devours, deathmarks, and true damage. If you kill a team without being scratched, it wouldn’t matter if you instakilled all of them without dealing any actual damage, you still score top marks for damage. Same with mana. You don’t have to take a lot of mana, you just have to take four times as much as your opponent. If they take 30, you need 120 mana gathered for top marks, which is a ton, but if they take 3, you only need to take 12. If they take zero mana and you instakill them with empowered troops, you’ll score max for this category regardless. A lucky cascade win with few actions taken is therefore very likely to score top marks in all categories, because you’ve prevented the AI from doing much of anything. Also, Archer’s Bullseye, because of the way it is calculated, most likely will count as the troops full life and armor for your damage score, so theres that.


Safe yes, smart maybe not. I’ve seen it where I know that the board’s about to reshuffle. I rather have the reshuffle on my side than theirs.


Maybe these deck chairs would look better on the starboard side of the Titanic, why dont we try that?


it was against a bad team (poor stats) and poor team make up and it was two casts of the new mythic


Still… It’s hard to believe you accumulated 44 mana in 3 actions.
It is doable … But unlikely. Never mind me, just thinking out loud. Thank you for sharing the information =)