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Guild Wars needs to be changed

The Devs need to end guild wars in it’s current form…People just cannot help themselves from cheating. The best way to do this is have the Devs set DEF for every day. We have guilds that break records when they face each other and when we face same guild we get one of the best Def of the week. These guilds deny they are sister guilds which makes it even worse because they are doing it on the sly…I’m over wasting gems on sentinels when there is tooooo much cheating in this game…IMO you need to fix it or do away with it…I like guild wars but I’m tired of wasting my time!

I hope you not talking about us cause i call BS we only see gobs, trolls and psion famine teams. Everyone put their best team against us


The devs needs to investigate when there are spikes in scores! If we do better with 29 players then we do with 30 the week before then there is funny business going on. It is not every person in a guild but there is enough cheating going on to tip the scale. You look at us and sister guild had their worst defeat of the week. We did ok against them but was not our best day. They definitely put up hard Def.

Again if you talk about us it’s not true we did worst. Last week we did 1 565 118

And this week we got 1 531 279 so it’s not better then last week, you can say ty to the guy who decided to quit in middle of the week so you can win :slight_smile:

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Keep it civil in here, please. No callouts. Also, we haven’t seen any recent evidence that guilds are cheating, or that even if they do that it can significantly alter Guild Wars scores.

We had nothing to do with the guy quitting in middle of week. He did not join us. There needs to be changes even you can agree with that. If Devs did everyones def there is no way for any funny stuff and i guess you would not have to worry about setting Def.

I know but i don’t understand the cheating accusation, our weakest score is against the guild you think they are our sister

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Well maybe I got fed some bad INFO from some that love drama…it would not be first time. There is plenty unnecessary drama in this game.

In any case Salty, i think it would be best to hide the names of guilds, players and teams we are facing in Guild Wars. With this there is much more security for everyone involved as no one can be sure of who they are facing.

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@Rojo1 im affraid it’s the case we got 237k against them and only 1 guy left so trust me we didin’t cheat or if we did we really suck at it :slight_smile:

237K/ 29 = 8.170ish points per player: Pretty good.

Not for #1 team :slight_smile:


Well I have had a pm from another guild that asks me how many battles I have left and I tell them so I thought everyone would be truthful in game and I guess some are not. No reason to not tell truth. I’m finished with this I will take to pm not time.

Well, i’m sure it’s a little disappointing for any commited guild, it’s like everyone lost two troops on more than one match or like nearly half of your guild lost one battle.

The whole score would be waaaay lower if everyone would opt to play outside the day’s color.
(If i’m not mistaken, i’m not putting a lot of effort with those numbers.)

We got 2x 3/2 that really hurt in bracket 1

I see, such a pity, as there is probably some more points people lost for taking too long on battles and taking too much damage. Those are the “fast food combo” for score loss…

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Exactly anyway, we will come back stronger next week with 30 people and try to get back our title :slight_smile:


Just amazing this post made by the guild that shares all info with its sister guild in same discord chat channel.


Yep the sister guild uses those teams to hit the main guild. I think you were a little mad when they hit you if I’m not mistaken. I think we lost 10 people over sister guild being too tough lol. I lost to them myself lol

Dear god here we go again…because ANOTHER thread on this will make all the difference that the other 10 didn’t.

Just send your suspicions & proof to support already like we’re supposed to and be done with it. Nothing comes of these threads except hurt feelings back & forth & people rehashing the same opinions on how to “fix” it which then devolves into people stating (again) how & why they like or hate GW which then devolves further into why the rewards are or aren’t fairly distributed and then…blah blah blah.

@Saltypatra can we add “GW cheating” threads right up there with the “I’m quitting” threads to be deleted? At this point they accomplish absolutely nothing productive.