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Guild Wars Frequency

Now that the new mode(s) have been tried and tested I believe it would be interesting to gather information relating to their optimum frequency relative to Guild Wars… too many Polls now but what can you do.

  • Every week. Run Raid and Invasion concurrently with Guild Wars. We promise not to get burned out. Really!
  • Every other week. Run a four-week cycle with GW, Raid, GW, Invasion. Repeat.
  • Every third week. Cycle the three events in order as currently set up.
  • Never. Guild Wars are an abomination, fun only for those elitist endgame players in the supposedly “top” guilds.

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I’m sorry I started so many polls, but hey, opinions are great, so why not?

I chose keep as is, because I think they have enough on their plates, between fixing what they have now and making new, anything else would likely just complicate the rest.

The devs need all the focus they can get right now.


I’ve gone for every second week. I think it’s the most reasonable compromise, and giving the similarity of the new modes I’d really really really prefer not to play them back to back


I’m a end-of-mid-game player (level 1032), been playing for over 2 years now, but I find Raid Boss and (to a slightly less extend) Invasion to be utterly tedious.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, on Raid Boss, it got to the point where I was killing ZG, then deliberately setting things up to let the other enemies kill me because it was quicker than trying to grind out a win for a trivial few extra souls and gold.

Similarly I gave up on Invasion after fighting about 50 battles on the last level because I simply could not be bothered just doing effective the same battle over and over again once I had got our Guild score up to Level 8.

GW at least has variety, I have three different attack teams for almost all colours now, depending on what opposition I face, but even then I may have to tweak them depending on what the enemy team has. With RB and Invasion, there’s virtually no difference.

At least alternating GW with one of the other two will stop things getting jaded and the idea of fighting all three every week would have me looking for another game to play.

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I like every other week so you can relax the week you are not doing guild wars. I would like to be able to set my Def though ahead of time the week you are not playing guild wars. The way it is now you are still in a rush because you only have the day before to do everything and some of us work a job.

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I was pleasantly surprised to see that my GW defense teams were still set to the same colors that they were set to in the last GW from three weeks ago. I’m also surprised that no one has mentioned this on the forums yet. Was this true for everyone, or just PS4, or some kind of glitch that affected only me?

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I noticed it too, pretty sweet they saved for each specific color.I talked with the guild about it, but never brought it here, thx for the mention @Stan.

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for me, they saved on the same position, but on the wrong colors.
50% impressed, but still 0 help


Was it the position? I couldn’t remember the days order last time, but I know red was on red.

I always tweak by opponents and not colors anyways, besides red, so I had to tweak a bit anyways.

Unfortunately mine weren’t. The first couple were ok, but then I noticed that at least two of the others (I’m not sure exactly, I didn’t bother making a note) weren’t right, so had to change them.

Fortunately I did notice, otherwise I’d have been very pi$$ed off…

I’m not saying it’s perfect, but even if the order wasn’t a full match, a person wouldn’t have to log in on Monday or Tuesday and they would still get the full bonus for 24 unique troops. It’s a huge improvement.

I’m not 100% sure that my teams aligned by color either, but I’m certain that my red, green and browns were where I wanted them. Could have been a coincidence, who knows?

Looks like more data for us to collect, I’ll pay more attention now to that I know to expect it.

I agree too, having them set is a big plus and will save you if you miss Monday’s prep, or even a few days for that matter.

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On Xbox the order this week is in a serpentine pattern with the one from three weeks ago.

Three weeks ago: Purple, Yellow, Blue, Red, Brown, Green.
This week: Green, Brown, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple.

It doesn’t always do this, but did this time. As a result, none of my days matched up.

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Wondering if the release of the 3rd identical new game mechanic changes some people’s minds… Guild Wars seems like a refreshing change now all of a sudden.


It may have. I’m still happy with Guild Wars being every three weeks.

I don’t dislike the modes to the extent most seem to be portraying. To me the only advantage GWs has is gem rewards, but even then it’s only for the top 10 that gets them.

Introducing these new modes simply nerfed gems even more as we can no longer earn them as quickly, along with having to spend them for the new modes.


Exactly this. Long time player, but I just signed up for this forum just to post this same opinion. GW every week was a bit much, but every 3rd week is too spread out. Every other week would be the sweet spot, especially considering that Invasion and Raid Boss are so similar (and not quite as fun as GW).


I have a feeling to be fair to all guilds they will remove guild wars and introduce another pay to win event.

Too many good resources going out once every 3rd weeks. :thinking:

I would rather see a more complex Guild War with towers on the defense teams giving us some use to our Siegebreakers. Instead of investing in silly and boring extra stats we would invest in our towers and Guild Guardians as Bosses being upgraded as well.

I still haven’t imagined any use for Bounty troops so far… Some are cool looking and $#17, but they are also very, very weak. The closest to get some sinergy is Agave, but his lack of mustache is a BIG flaw in design… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if we do a GW, Inv/Raid, GW, Inv/Raid form of rotation, it kind of GIVES them a little more time to focus. They won’t have to come up with a new set of troops for almost every week for Raid and Invasion. It gives them TWO weeks to come up with the troops, and put more time into them and other things.

Only thing is less frequency in the amount of gems being bought for the events. Tough trade on their part, really. More money more frequently, or more time and breathing room?

This has been asked and answered multiple times. Asking again won’t make it happen IMO.

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