How often do you want guild wars?

How often do you want guild wars ?

  • Every week
  • Every two week
  • Every three week
  • Every 4 weeks (current)
  • Every 5 weeks or more
  • Remove guild wars.

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If 3 weeks or less, they should implement a 1 week pause of no raid ivasion towerdoom event, as current.

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Where’s the ‘never’ option? :stuck_out_tongue::sweat_smile::vulcan_salute:


I wish it was every week again, but if it ever changes, I’ve got two paychecks on the devs making it longer between, or eliminating it.

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Every 2 week for my part.
Put together 2 longer events in one week in the rest, like 3 days invasion, one day pause, 3 days raid, then 1 week gw, then 3 days tod, 1 day pause, 3 days bounty, then 1 week gw again.

New class and faction events can roll out simultaneously with any of the weekends. Have regular faction events, regular class events AND regular pet events alltogether in the pause day between 2 longer events.

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It’s fine as it is for me. I would not change anything, except I would have added some sort of Guild Wars rewards, similar to the Invasion or Raid Event.

For example. Finish all GW battles with a color of the day, etc. I really don’t like that we don’t get any rewards for playing this game mode.


i selected every week but ever 2 weeks would also be acceptable

I would want to see guild wars every two weeks. GW, invasion, GW, tower of doom, GW, raid.

If the devs gave us a vote, I’d keep the frequency of GW like it currently is. As it stands now, there is something for people that like GW and something for people that don’t.

That said, they made it pretty clear they aren’t going to make it more frequent during the Q&As anyway.


They’re never going to give us a vote though…they don’t care what we want. They care about us using our gems, and Guild Wars gives more than it takes. Too rewarding for them to do it more frequently, and my guess is that if it wouldn’t cost them a boatload of the people who continue fund this game’s existence, they’d remove it altogether.


Surprisingly mixed results…

As much as I like GW, I do think having it weekly would be a bit much. Need that cooldown period to reflect, and try out new teams.

where is the “never” option? guild wars is garbage


Added to poll

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All you GW every week people…

I was thankful to have the break when it first went every other week :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I voted remove. I hate guild wars with the burning passion of a thousand suns.


Why don’t people just create guilds and advertise as non guild wars participating guilds if so many people hate guild wars so much? It seriously is the only reason I still play this game. I spend all month waiting for gw week grinding away the rest of the crap a first place guild requires just so I can play bracket 1 wars.


I wouldn’t mind if Guild wars was obliterated from the Universe… And with it can go Tower of Doom! :joy_cat:


I wish I could thumbs up your post.

I’ll just have to agree 100%!!!

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Its not so much that I really want GW every week, but I could do with never seeing those other events again.


I like it less now because it’s every 4 weeks. I would like it again if it were every week or every two weeks because I wouldn’t feel so out of practice.

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Guild wars is the last event in the game that actually requires thought and skill…if they are removed many people (high level) will be finally finished. I would vote gw every week or other week.