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Guild Wars - FAQ

This question was asked in my guild today and 2 different answers was provided that contradicted each other. A lot of confused people playing this game right now, lol.

Question was. Today is brown troop and do I get anything for doing a Brown unique 4troop defense or do I just put the most annoying cheese we can in defense since there’s no bonus.

I was under the impression its any team with no bonus to defending team or extra points given.

Defense teams do not gain points so the only reason to use the color-of-the-day troops on defense is if you want to try and steal that color mana from the attacker.

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Grrr, explains why I’m still seeing mab/justice or courage/bd. So nothing has changed.

Thank you for your time answering my question @ogunther I will let guild no immediately.


SO - every team that was suggested to combat 2 BD/1 Sylvanimora team in the numerous threads did not have just 1 color. Seriously… I have not heard of a solid yellow team that can beat that combo.

Every time I fought so far has had at least 1 bone dragon and sylvanimora combo. Lost 2 - beat the third because I didn’t use Yellow.

Categorised the OP to hopefully make finding answers easier. Let me know what you think of the new format. Is the collapsed idea worth it? Or should I just have them categorised but still all layed out in a constant stream with big headers for the categories? (Note I intended to put questions that apply to multiple categories in all relevant ones, so there might be some double up between categories)


@Ozball - Thank you.

Can you add the question in Offense about not following 4 troops of all color. That you still get points for even not following color and still winning.


Just to clarify: The question is something like “Do you still get points for winning with troops other than the war’s colour?”?

Yes that is the question - and the answer is yes.

Okay now that was a bit of a surprise -the daily bonuses.

We got an extra 100% more XP for the next 24 hours + more seals…

How does that work for extra seals - does this mean we can go above the 1500 cap?

Yes it increases the cap. Like when you purchase. You still can collect your 1500 those are just extra but they count towards 40k.

First thanks for this helpfull thread.

Now my question.
I noticed today that some of the enemy guild had only one troop in their def-team. Does this have any effect on the points I can achieve in the fight?

Thnx. :slight_smile:

Nope. I had a single troop defense fight yesterday, and got my full points for it as if it was a 4 troop fight.

EDIT: Also I’ll be updating the OP with some new info etc in a little bit. Just need some food now that I’ve done my own GW battles for the day.

Thnxs and Bon appetite! :wink:


Yup, got those as well, will be adding them when I do the update. Cheers for the cropped versions, saved me the effort :stuck_out_tongue:

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OP updated. New category of Rewards added. If anyone is able to help confirm if the seals obtained for winning count towards the guild’s total (for the guild chest) I’d love to get confirmation on this one way or another.

Also we learnt today that the current exclusive guild war troops will be rotated into Guild Chests once the next batch come out!


I don’t know if this is correct. I just individually added all my guild’s collected seals currently and got the same total that the guild chest page is showing. I was expecting to get 1500 less (50 seal bonus x 30 guildmates). I think the 50 seals is added to your pool to purchase chests with, but does not count toward the 40k chest. And we have people maxed out so it’s not like the 50 seals were given already to the count. No one is showing 1550/1500.

Paging @Ozball because I believe this answers your last question.

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I haven’t done that test but devs definitely said those seals will add to the total seals. This needs their attention!
@Sirrian @Nimhain

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I do remember that comment during the GW sneak peaks. It just doesn’t seem to be happening now.

Reported this. This is very serious bug that should be adressed asp.
My guild reaches 40k seals every week, so it’s not a big deal for us bit i know a lot of guilds were counting on this to easen the burden of trying to reach 40k seals.