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Guild Wars - FAQ

Makes sense. Thanks! :slight_smile:

There is a rumour in global chat that you will not get the colour bonus if you do not play the matches on the specified day. I don’t think this is the case but can anyone clarify ?

I can confirm that defense teams are not locked in as i have already changed mine for day 1


I wonder why such a button exists in the first place tbh. Afaik skipping a guild is still worse than rushing the 5 fights with really terrible results. Why would anyone ever want to skip a guild?

Unfortunately I don’t think we have enough info to answer that yet, however I would agree with you that it’s likely not the case. From the wording the Devs have used each day is a “War” and you must use your allotted battles for their specific War before you can proceed to the next one. So it is is possible that the colour bonuses are based on the number of battles (eg first 5 battles are War 1’s colour, next 5 are War 2’s etc) and it consumes your battles if you skip a guild to avoid abusing this. This is however all speculation based on the following quotes from Sirrian.

EDIT: In short using the wording from the second quote here, the colour bonus is tied to the War, not the day of the week.

Maybe if you’re REALLY pressed for time, and want to help your guild win the current day’s war or something?


Does anyone know what it is without USING the current color? Is winning without using the current color going to be more points than loosing using current color.

Are you really not sure is winning in any way more worth then lossing?

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Thanks for starting this thread @Ozball!
This one will be seeing a lot of traffic, I presume. :wink:

Do we know how the colour bonus works in terms of troop survival?

Meaning, do I get the colour bonus for how many troops of a colour I take into battle or how many troops of that colour survive the battle? Eg. if I take 4 troops into battle, they somehow all die but I win the battle with 4 troops alive, do I get the max bonus? Does the colour of the troops alive at the end matter?

I think most people are of the opinion that color bonuses are calculated before the match but troop bonuses after.

You have the answer with how point calculation works up top, you just need to read.

Oh my, it would appear I can’t read, because I don’t see anything in here that specifies if the colour of the surviving troops matters for the colour bonus. Thanks for trying to help though! :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s my guess too. I’m tempted to test it, but don’t want to lose out on points for the guild.

There you go. Only thing that matters is number of troops alive on the end not which colors they use.
You can see all the factors that contribute to final score:

  • number of troops with featured color you start with
  • number of troops alive in the moment you win
  • base point reward for win

And im not a kind of guy who would say you can’t read, just that all information you could gather about point gain is already there on top of tge topic.

Omg, you mean I have to read MATH!? :sweat_smile:

Thanks, I get it now. It’s not spelled out, but you wouldn’t get the full colour bonus if it didn’t come from the starting troops, right? So: (Base score + (number of troops of the day’s colour at start of match * color bonus)) + (surviving troops of any colour * 10%).

That answers my question, thanks :slight_smile:

You are correct about that.

This doesn’t seem like the right formula…

I created a little spreadsheet, replicating that as far as I can tell (unless I just made a mistake), and the total it’s showing for 4 “perfect” games (all the right color, all surviving) is 6,360… but I scored over 7,000 and several in my guild were up around 8,000.

It seems like it’s something else. Our statue bonus is 71%, so where did I go wrong?

The survival bonus is applied to the score AFTER the troop colour bonus is added.

So for your first fight you’d have 192 * 1.4 for 4 surviving troops which should give you 268.8.

One way to think of it is, the base and colour bonuses are calculated when the battle stars, and then the survival bonus is applied on top of that after the battle ends based on how you did.

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It happens in our guild that the bonus goes up during the day so some members does more points than others.

Oz explained the error in your calculations.

Well if you don’t get any points because you don’t use the color it would have been.

Found out the answer. I don’t get as much points for winning, but I was able to beat the double bone dragon and move on.