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My guild is fairly consistently in the 35k to 37k range so winning 3 days would make a huge difference!


Our sister guild would get some breathing space too. And i know there are plenty other guilds on the same sitation. I found sirrians post where he said it’ll count and added that to the report.


Yup this seems to all match with the reports I’ve been getting in Discord, namely it didn’t count towards personal cap, but it also didn’t affect the guild’s total seals earned.


On a different subject: do we have any idea what happens with guild rankings if they skip a guild war? As in, if our guild doesn’t register for the guild war next week, what happens? How many ranks will we lose? I’m assuming we don’t know that yet, but if anyone figures it out next week, I’d love to know. Just thinking of what kind of options are available to guilds who don’t want to do guild wars every week.


It seems like an odd decision to skip a week. You can join, not play at all, and still get rewards. What’s the downside?


If you opted in and then didn’t play at all, you’d lose rankings and be relegated to a lower bracket. By opting out, you might be able to preserve your position for a subsequent week when you rejoin. Not that they’ve explained exactly how that works…


Well, that’s sort of the question. Assuming the guild wants a break for a week, what will hurt your rank more, registering and doing poorly or not registering at all? If you register and don’t fight, you’re giving your opponents a free win for the day. Does another guild take your place in your bracket if you don’t register? I guess it would have to, otherwise if 5 guilds in a bracket all failed to register for the next week (which might happen in the low brackets where guilds are not regularly active), that would leave the bracket half empty.

Anyway, probably more of a RAQ (rarely asked question), just wondering.


Updated with new info on the intended workings of War seals. Also moved it to it’s own question within rewards.


Sorry if i repeat but i didin’t see answer anywhere

For the color bonus, can you put 4x same troop or you need 4 different troop to get max color bonus?


Second last question under offense. Check there for the Dev comment screenshot.





Updated Seals question with latest information.


What Happens If My Guild Decides to Skip a Week?

The next time you register for a guild war, it will use your progress from your previous guild war to calculate your position in the next one. So if you did well, that will be applied to your next Guild War, whether it’s next week or next year.

We wanted to give guilds the option to join in Guild Wars when they want to join in guild wars. So if your guild only wants to join in 1 week a month you can. You only miss out on potential rewards from a guild war (which include the Guild Wars Troop).

When the next batch of Guild War Troops arrives (not for a couple of months), then the current lot will retire to Guild Chests and can be collected like Guild Guardians (they won’t replace guild guardian though).


How does advancement or relegation work? Right now my guild is #2 in our bracket, but we’d be #3 in the next bracket up. Do we advance this week and settle in at #4(ish) in the new bracket, or do we hang out here for another week and hope we get #1 next week?


Unknown at this time, however:

This would suggest even at #2 you could still move up, depending on how the guilds in the higher bracket do. If you do VERY well and the higher guilds do crap, you could even move up more than one bracket.


Updated a few new bits of info. Will be adding a bit more about weekly rewards either this evening or tomorrow.

Notable additions:

  • Colour order varies between weeks.
  • You can move up multiple brackets at once, and you don’t need to be 1st place in your bracket to do so.


Mean Machine jumped from bracket 3 to bracket 1. We were 7th in global points.


Thanks. I’m curious as to what defines it exactly, as it’s not entirely on global ranks, as we ranked 52, but we’re in bracket 4 this week. (up from bracket 6)


Seems to me like points earned last week aplied to global :slight_smile:


How do you mean? Since we only have 1 week total so far, wouldn’t last week points be the same as global?