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GW Sentinels don't understand it?

Can someone please explain the GW Sentinels to me please and how they work for me and my Guild in dummy terms please to where i can understand it i do not all was understand gamer terms please help lol?

Have you read through the official Guild Wars recap? If not, here’s the link:

You have 4 sentinels. Each gives YOU a bonus to a stat (Attack, Armor, Life or Magic) depending on it’s level (0 to +5).

For each level of the Sentinal any player in your guild above your Guild War rank (not the normal guild ranks) also gets a very small bonus from your sentinels. It varies between ranks, but for example, the Solider rank gives everyone above them +0.02 Attack for each level of their Attack Sentinel. So a maximum of +0.1. However if ALL the soliders max out their attack sentinel, all the ranks above solider will get +0.1*15 or 1.5 extra attack to all their troops during guild wars. This applies to all the stats. Higher ranks give slightly more to people higher than them (since there are less people above them total), but all the bonuses add up and the Paragon will get some very large buffs if people level their sentinels.

However, each week the Sentinel bonus is reset back down to 0 and you have to spend your currency again to level them back up if you want to maintain the bonuses.

Hope that helps a bit, feel free to ask more questions if you have them.


Just a quick clarification, but armor and life actually go up +2 with each sentinel level, so those two stats range from 0 to +10.

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Bah, fair enough, yeah I think I missed that. Been doing too much GW math the last couple days, thanks for catching it!

Can someone explain this screen?


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Your Sentinels are giving you
5 Attack
10 Life
10 Armor
5 Magic

Since you’re in the second tier, everyone below you in Tier 1 is giving you skill bonuses:
1.4 Attack
2.1 Life
2.1 Armor
2.1 Magic

Since Gems of War doesn’t support decimals in gameplay yet, its rounded to
1 Attack
2 Life
2 Armor
2 Magic

for a total displayed on the right of
6 Attack
12 Life
12 Armor
7 Magic


Ah, it’s the highlighted column that confused me.

Do you know if the decimal is rounded properly? Or is it just dropped off (rounded down)?

They should be rounded. Although, I’m pretty sure the code uses Banker’s Rounding, so it will round 0.5 to the nearest even integer.

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