Guild Wars Change Suggestions

Did you send him an invite for the Anti-Soft Club, yet? :slight_smile:


Have you heard that it was good to gain the day? I also say it is good to fall, battles are lost in the same spirit in which they are won


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Now I know this will sound absurd and will never happen …
… But what if we were given a hint to what are the first 3 new gems that drop for the enemy (irrelevant if the enemy casts a spell) ?

I know, I’m aware it sounds crazy but that would most definitely erase most of the frustration of the game.
… Seeing that 3 new gems are going to be (e.g.) 3 purple ones, you can prepare beforehand or expect it psychically. That would release a lot of stress, I suppose.

It does strip away the “random” nature of this game? Well naturally. When we are talking about competitive game mode - random should be limited. You wouldn’t want to fight World War 2 with dice.

EDIT: I doesn’t necessarily have to be first 3 gems. But a way to tell what gems are going to appear from standard moving of the board (not by spells or mass gem manipulation like exploding) would be appreciated.

Bury it or remove the rewards. If people want to play it “for fun and bragging rights”, fine. But it should never have been “mandatory”.

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Never has been mandatory… Jus’ sayin’…


Much truth in this statement.


Yes… Very Yoda like i can be

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Me too. Yoda is cool at least.

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Will Guild Wars be retuning on Monday?

Very doubtful, or I will be very surprised if it comes back upcoming Monday. But 2 weeks was just like the minimum it could take, I am prepared for a month to wait.


It would be nice but i doubt it… I am prepared for at least 2 more weeks

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It may return in a slightly changed form, while devs work on something larger. At least thats what i think will happen.


I have a formal request for the devs. @Saltypatra

A few days before GW returns, may we have an official announcement letting us know what changes have been made? That way we can prepare better.



@saltypatra do the Devs works with GW at the moment? I hope they are not too much dependent of ppls opinion on everything.

Here is my list btw:

  • I have been only in Bracket 1 and 2, the rewards here is too good compared to other brackets, which is very unfair. Even the rewards more out would be nice, also give generally more rewards to the ones who promotes, but less to the ones who relegate.
  • I loved the way GW was, so nothing much needs to be fixed.

They need to close the Gap between 1st 2nd 3rd so that top guild cannot use it as recruiting tool to poach your best players! Like if I’m paragon everyone knows it! instead of 500 apart make it 100 or 200

No offense here but get better. Convince some good players to come to your guild and dethrone the champs. That’s something that should entice some people to join you.

Moreso, it’s just a console “issue”. PC has had different guild’s not only win but place up and down the top 10. As for the Thieves and Phreekz, they put in the effort to make sure they win. Why can’t anyone else? I know Gra (PS4) certain does and are getting close. I’d rather see another guild come along and earn it rather than needing the system dumbed down because “we can’t win” otherwise. PC shows it can be done. Time for console to step it up.

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You cannot get better if your paragon or champions are getting poached! I’m saying close the gap between rewards so it isn’t easy for people to poach! No one will leave over 100 or 200 gems but a 1000 it happens! No one wants to work hard recruiting to lose players over free gams! This has caused people to give up and quit game! GW should not be a gravy train for top guild and a nice recruitment tool as well! I can’t tell you how many time I have been pm since GW by the top guild! To simply say get better is nonsense and hopefully this is reason Devs put a stop to it!

My assumption would be we’ll hear something on Friday as to whether GW will be back on Monday or not.

So short answer, yes they are working on Guild Wars at the moment. And I’m sure they’re collecting data not just from the forums, but other forms of social media, as well as their own internal data to make their decisions.

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This was taken private and probably better for it though I will repeat one line here.

If we have to rely on the devs to make sure other teams have a “chance” to win then they should scrap the whole system. That would make things far less “fair” since you now have a known bias in play.


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