Guild War Variety

First of all let me say that I really really love this game and I’m glad the devs take the time to read the different topics and consider our feedback moving forward.

I’m going to talk about something that has been addressed before, but in my opinion, not really in a substantive way.

Variety in guild war fights.

Once you hit the upper levels, it’s mostly the same thing every fight:

Psion, Famine, Famine, Famine (sometimes 1-2 Death for added flavor)
Deathknight, Devour Troop, Board Manipulator, Famine
Kerberos, Giant Spider, Forest Guardian, Kerberos
Flavor of the Week team

Flavor of the week is totally fine because it changes every week, but the rest are just painful. Here are my suggested fixes:

Fix 1) You’re only allowed 1 of each troop in your offense/defense team in Guild Wars. This will stop the Famine spam that others complain about on the boards.

Fix 2) Make an algorithm (easy I know :p) that sets you against teams that you haven’t seen that often. I know GW teams are dependent on what the guild members set them to, but if the system knows the last 2 fights are going to be against Psion/Famine, maybe introduce some bias against those teams in the earlier rounds.

I understand fix 2 isn’t perfect or easy to implement, but hey, it’s an idea!

I’m not a salty player who loses a lot, I’m just someone who frankly gets a little bored fighting the same fight over and over again. Aaaanyway, thanks for taking the time to read this!

All hail king famine!

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Your problem would be solved if the GW defense teams can also benefits from the Color Bonus of the day.
Then we should start seeing more varieties since people would be encouraged to put up different defense each day.

Of course… we’ll also need a lot more new Team slots, preferably six more…


Yup. Here I come raging again to say I lost another GW battle to stupid-a** Kerb going 2 for 2 on devour attempts. I just closed the game because I’m not putting up with BS right now. In fact, it’s going to be my reaction every time I get devoured twice, it really only 1-2 times a week.

I was trying to play careful but the map spawned with so much brown and green, plus after my move the sky dropped a perfect 5 match brown for the enemy team.

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I’d love to fight kerberos today. Sadly, all I was facing today was Psion - Famine - Death - Famine for all 5 battles.

Btw, have you tried fielding all impervious team against kerberos line up? Purple has decent amount of good impervious troops.



Is what I use. Though using two base mythics does mean this team might not be accessible to some players.


You actually don’t need an all impervious team. You can also fit some stealthy troops in there if devouring opponents are a problem…

Don’t have plague, and don’t have stones to trait Elemaug or Dracos. I did try Carnex against a Kerb team, still lost. The sheer amount of troops they spawn between spider and kerb is too much for the crappy impervious troops.

Should have just used my own kerb team like I usually do. At least I can laugh maniacally when I cast Kerb 5 times and get 1 devour while AI goes 2 for 2…


I used to complain about the Famine or Kerb spam.
Yet I’ve come to realize GW has to be the most competitive game mode and as such, there is no surprise you’re going to the best defense teams in the game.
The problem isn’t that we’re always facing the same defense teams, the problem is that there isn’t that many great defense teams in this game. As the AI is pretty bad, most other defense teams are often way weaker than they could be.
That’s why devs should rather add new good defense troops or better specific GW troops.

What I don’t want to see happen is GW becoming as easy as PvP and guild members would get perfect scores on perfect scores. Losses are part of the game and are bound to happen from time to time.


The problem isn’t that we’re always facing the same defense teams, the problem is that there isn’t that many great defense teams in this game. As the AI is pretty bad, most other defense teams are often way weaker than they could be.

Exactly this.

This isn’t supposed to be a QQ thread about bad beats or not having the “right” troops to counter anything, it’s about wanting more variety in the experience.

Losses absolutely are ok, and should even be expected!

Does anyone else have any ideas for how to fix the issue at hand?

True, sometimes I also mix impervious with stealthy. My point was, he was complaining about losing to kerberos weeks ago, and now he complain again with same problem. So I was wondering if he care to adjust his team at all or just want to get easy win with 1-deck-for-all kinda style.


if that may console anyone,
when pc/mobile gets the ‘polished version’ of console ai (the gem sliders and what comes with it) - there is a chance that more defense teams will be possible, just a chance…
the meta may shift or may not, there may even be less choices? but im hoping it will rather broaden the defense choices in the end :stuck_out_tongue:

Its similar on console K,GS, K, FG. and Famine teams still using 20 Mana cost. But due to the way the AI works we also have Gorgo, Kraken, Justice, QMab variations. So instead of 2 primary defense teams you get 3. :champagne:

I know the PC crowd might look at Justice + Q Mab and think that’s no so bad… but the console AI is very proficient using it, and if it gets charged up you might not get your turn back.


Main fix would be card balance, nerf some of the significantly over-powered cards, and buff a bunch of the more useless cards. Instead of having only 10 or so cards the AI can effectively use, make it 30 or 40.

Second idea is to have more “bonus event cards”, and potentially give players different bonuses (proposed by @Jainus in Idea: vary Events by player / incentivise defences ). Right now the event bonus is effective in changing the weekly meta a bit, with about 1/3 of the teams using those. If there were a few different bonuses, then that group would likely be split (and hopefully more people would start doing it), which would provide more variety of teams to face.

Last idea which @Strat touched on is improved AI, since some of the decent top tier cards can’t effectively be used by AI despite being powerful enough. However, this one is probably a bit more controversial since not everybody wants challenging matches, some want things a bit more relaxed, and you’d be trading a narrow meta for variety but higher difficulty. Not saying one side is more right, just pointing out that they are incompatible.


In the beginning I thought the defence color mattered and set my defence to coordinate with color.

Spirit Fox
Spirit Fox
Carnex/Fortress Gate
Spirit Fox

Is your friend…unless you are on defense…and its yellow day…than:

Spirit Fox
Carnex/Fortress Gate
Spirit Fox

I love stealthy with a good tank.

I was going to start a thread suggesting the implementation of certain troops being labeled “unique” so that you could have no more than one instance of them in your army. It wouldn’t need to be for every troop, just the insanely powerful ones, like all of the cards that start out as mythic.

I have to admit that after 2.5-3 years of playing every single day, I’ve suddenly gotten to the point where I find I’m not that interested in playing anymore. I love this game, and it is literally the only game I play, but when you find yourself facing the same insanely overpowered defense time after time it gets very disheartening.

I’d also like to see a new trait that would make troops resistant to spell damage just like armored, stoneskin etc makes troops resistant to skull matches. Not like stealthy where they can’t be targeted, but where any spell cast on them is reduced in effectiveness. That would be another way to counter some of the super troops. Or a trait that made a troop immune to all other traits, including friendly. I think either of those would would even up the board pretty nicely.


the easiest way to deal with GW is to realize it doesn’t mean anything. I’ve you’re not in bracket 1, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. You’re just there. GW wasn’t meant for most players anyway, it’s just a means for the devs to funnel pixels to the top 5 guilds. Everyone else is just getting scraps anyway.


One day brudda once you have become a grown up you will wake up and realize why nobody likes you


Actually that is a cool idea!
Basically any card with its own name or unique implications (like a boss card). Aside from getting rid of some of those N times Troop combos, that would also add a very intuitive story element to the game.

EDIT: But you shouldn’t limit them to only 1 per army, but 1 per team, since you still need those extra cards to ascend them!

in such cases that can only be done with new units that arent released yet,
editing existing troops - that ppl already farmed copies of - would bring too much negative consequences

and so it also may bring the question it could be cards with totally different/new rarity to begin with…

i dont think its a subject that would help with current game issues