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Guild Wars bugs, happened twice

Writting somewhere else before was a big fail, that’s why I decided to make it like that here!

Ok, so I’m playing since like 8 months now (+3 years ago, nvm)
I never really have any issues with the game (some with connection, but that was probably only on my side)
Till last GW…

After winning the fight the game doesn’t progress to victory screen (Mobile Android). I couldn’t make any move or cast, all I could was retreat and lose the fight.
It was the first fight in the day, I thought it happened because the game was running for the whole day and it was the first fight after a longer break.
I wanted to quit playing after this, but my guild just climbed to 4th bracket and leaving them would just feel wrong (we have strong emphasis on GW)

I got this AWESOME reward for bug WOW

Thanks support! I think I wouldn’t be able to live without it!

Today’s first fight:

Right now I’m afraid to play more Guild Wars fights since I have no idea why this happens, I restarted the game in the morning and made daily dungeon before trying GW fights, everything worked fine… It’s a little different tho than last GW, this time I not only couldn’t move or cast, but also using “retreat” button didn’t work, it show me ‘thinking’ sign and it moved back from menu to game where I couldn’t do anything. Only chat and options works.

And since the game made me write this topic, there’s whining part coming.
Recently there were a lot of huge, stupid updates, but I’m going to write only about one, the most annoying thing for me - let the players disable weapon upgrades, let us choose which one we want to work.

I used ingots, i fully upgraded them, I can upgrade kingdoms with it, it’s ok. Just let me chose which upgrade I want active and which inactive! A lot of those upgrades are totally stupid and harmful, for example my divine protector’s final upgrade to explode random gem disturbs me, it usually destroys gem exactly where I would get match 4 and next turn. Also Mang to create one red gem randomly - during last boss event it placed gem exactly near other red gems making AI an excelent match 4. I can make more examples but those are the most fresh in my mind. Also thanks for nerfing dragon’s eye - now delves are exactly the same as every boss/tower invasion event - just use mang, nothing else needed.

i feel like the weapon upgrade thing will get worked out … they will either change the upgrades so they don’t do negative things to the user or make it like Class Perks where you can change them ( or turn them off ) . There’s been a lot of complaining about it and they gave the “we are looking into it” answer so I feel like this will actually get fixed … just not sure when .

If you are playing your game on mobile and PC at the same time it can affect your Guild Wars battles and cause crashing. Otherwise this is likely due to a connection error.

In regards to weapon upgrades, we are looking into them after community feedback. We aren’t sure what changes we will make at this point in time, but it is something we want to improve in the future. :slight_smile:

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I never play my game on both, Mobile and PC in the same time
Game always restarts when I do action on one device and change to another.
I played on PC on Monday and I played on mobile when GW started the next day…


I don’t even know why I did that, since I’m sure last updates were toxic.