Guild War BUG (sht)

I defeated my enemy in guild wars fight, it was a very easy match, I didnt lose a single unit and I got a loss. It is very disappointing. It seems this game is a sht, I will stop playing if they dont do anything.

I wrote a letter to the developers but no respond. Is there anybody who met with this bug?

It’s been reported numerous times. The devs have said that they’re working on it but (and I’m paraphrasing here) it’s extremely hard to reproduce, therefore extremely hard to fix.

Submit a ticket to support with as many details as you can think of, to see if maybe it helps them.

It didn’t happen to me in GW, but I’ve had similar experience in PvP.
Best I could tell, it’s because I have my account both on my phone and on Steam PC.
To be safe, you need to make sure the game isn’t running in the background on a second device.

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In GW never didn’t happen for me and never in Pvp, but it’s sad and frustrating if someone he has this situation :disappointed_relieved:

Since GW began I’ve experienced this maybe 4 or 5 times (I’m on xbox one).