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Guild War Schedule +2 Next Days Allowance

I would like to ask if Guild War Schedule can be play any day of the week because some of us do have a life and can’t play daily guild war especially the weekend. Let’s say you can play guild war and +2 the next days. So when some of us do have work traveling schedule or family accommodation, we can play the next 2 days on the same day. Like Friday, some of us can play Sat and Sun’s guild war on Friday and have it peace in mind for the weekend traveling. Please consider it seriously, maybe 10 gems to advance to the next day (just an idea). Thank you so much for your help and please have a nice day! =)


That’s a little hard considering the recent Unique Troop Defense change…
There’s no way you can predict what defenses will be set 2 days ahead.

Could make it so defend teams need to be set on Monday. Then they get locked in for the week.

Assuming a person has their 6 premade teams, it takes around a minute to set them all.

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They’ll also have to fix the Team reverting bug first, or all hell will break loose. :sweat_smile:

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Should just get rid of the whole “Daily” part completely.
It is really quite stressful.


But then, on the other side of the same coin some players would be upset if they couldn’t login on “Monday Setup Day” for whatever reasons and this change would soon be contested as well. Plus, new troops being acquired after Monday would be locked from being used until next week… :confused:

I don’t think it’s stressful per se, but i can assume it requires some compromise that is tied to the guild’s spirit as a competitive guild can probably make things stressful and/or to the player’s expectations and anxiety over results…

Also having a clear schedule to follow surely helps to organise things i assume, a “free for all” or “do it whenever you want” system wouldn’t help small guilds and newish players in the sense that everyone would be less encouraged to play with a slight semblance of seriousness. And let’s be frank, we have a very easy going experience with GW, it surely sucks to miss a day of battle because of the score, but you can still manage all fights on the last day to help your guild on keeping the position/bracket.

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How about the colors for each day are fixed (much like dungeons)? For example, Red on War1, Green on War2, etc. Whatever Defense you set for that color War will remain the same week after week until you feel like changing it on a Monday reset. I think this could be a good work-around to being able to use six defenses that lock on Tuesday and being able to play all the Wars consecutively at your leisure.

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Hey maybe if we all got together and said wed like for only 27 scores from 30 to count the devs would think that was a good idea and implement it.

Oh wait. We did. And then the devs said they would.

And then, well… they didnt did they?

Cause really, how does making that change make them any money?


It’s only stressful if you care a great deal about the 50 seals & xp bonus for a daily win. If you’re just concerned about winning the overall week it doesn’t matter when you do the battles as long as you also them.

I believe it’s more a case of packing this request with other client updates like changing what’s left of the old UI for the new one. As they would need to wait for Microsoft/Sony approval they probably want to do only one submission.

They could do it for PC/Mobile and the console players could sit and wait and complain like it used to be… ah the good old days! :heart_eyes:

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I’ve noticed this in my Guild-- we have close to 100% participation on the Tues-Fri GW and then some drop-off on the weekends. I’ve never been able to figure that out as for me finding the 20 minutes to do my GW is easier on the weekend, but I think I’ve got it now–

You’re all just playing GoW all day at work! :joy:

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Now… That’s just mean… :laughing:
But well, jokes aside, this is another possible reason for the delay. As we are mostly in sync on all plataforms they surely would want to push the same updates at the same time.

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This is a good idea. I had proposed awhile ago to just keep the defense slots consistent on the defend page, that way Red will always be in slot 1, blue in slot 2, etc… You could still rotate the colors to different days, the game would just have to be programmed to go and get your defense in the “red slot”.

One big problem with that…some people work away from home and the fact that everything resets on Monday makes it hard for those players…it would work if we had dedicated defense that do not reset unless you reset them so if I did not change anything It would still on red day still have my red day Def from last week