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Should the guild war's schedule be more random? Let's take a poll

Thx to our good friend on PS4 @Shiratori, it took him 8 weeks but he figured out the guild war bracket 1 schedule based on the weekly rankings.
Now my guild has been in the top bracket for about 6 out of the 8 weeks and he used my guild info and a few others as well to gather information and collect data and then predict all of our schedules properly.
It isn’t as random as we think. And certain positions have greater advantages then the others.
So based on all of this i would like to take a poll.

  • Should guild wars schedule be more random.
  • Should guild wars schedule remain the same
  • Should it have a placement on rankings but different for all 6 weeks to keep it more tossed up

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I will be showing him my ranks tomorrow and if his predictions are correct for 2 weeks in a row now, then i think we see a pattern.

I don’t want it completely random. I like the fact that on any day I can announce the list and break it down for something interesting like I was doing earlier this week for the ps4 side of things. Gives you something to look forward to. Like I can announce Dragon’s Peak is taking on Tyrant tomorrow or Shining Force 1 faces England today… No wonder why they got a huge score boost (no offense intended toward England).

It could use a more balanced revamp though. Was trying to work something out in my head but it’s a little harder than I thought it would be so I need to pen and paper it.


So you sound like you are more towards the third option, a set schedule but different for each of the six weeks.
It could rotate with the troops given our weekly.

I think it should be random more or the same giuld will always be in the same spot not really a challenge if you already know what to expect.

And that is exactly how it is right now. So number one gets the same schedule every week. Just depends on where the teams score.
The only thing truly random is the color I think.

Well quimby has had sbg on blue days 5x out of last 8 weeks I’m pretty sure. Sorry bad habit I mean Phreekz.

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See, that’s not really the case. Yes you can point to both consoles but I would contend there is more at play. Why? PC side.

They have had 4 different champions so far. 2 have won it 4 times, 1 twice, 1 once. They use the exact same schedule as is used on every other platform yet have far more closer and varied results each week. Consoles had a different growth path which lead to fewer guilds developing into that elite status. Given the point margin differences, you could put the Guild of Thieves or Risin’Phreekz against 2-7 and I bet they’d still win out right now.

Like I said, some tweaking would probably be good to make it look more balanced but it’s not going to swing things that much. Great rides and I’ve seen very strong performances from other guilds but they’re not quite there yet.

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Coincidence. The colors have been random from what I’ve seen so far. After all, you also had Gra first for 6 weeks in a row and that was because both guilds were 2/4 or 3/5 all 6 weeks.


I think giving some crayons to a class of 2nd graders and telling them to write down random numbers would be more ‘balanced’ than the current system. :wink:

Seriously. I’m sure there is a balanced bracket placement matchup on the internet somewhere.

Well admittedly I was trying to include at least 1 requirement. 1, 2, and 3 at the least all have to face each other. Currently only 2 has the other 2 on the schedule. (And 6 is the only one with all 3.)

Bumping this to get the attention it needs.

What is the breakdown for each position?

Here it is.


They haven’t even bothered doing anything about it yet either, even though it was figured out rather quick.


Fair play, thank you!