Guild Recruitment: Guildy As Charged

Beginners welcome! This guild has NO REQUIREMENTS and nobody will be kicked out for ANY REASON. I guess if you are a jerk I’ll kick you out, though I’m not sure what that would look like. Obviously, I would like for you to contribute gold, because everybody benefits. But as I said, you will not be kicked out if you don’t.

This is a medium level guild, with a 35% gold bonus, a 20-member cap, +4 to five abilities and +3 to the sixth. It’s a great starter guild, but a few dedicated members could really make it take off.

Note that I have a full-time job (teacher) and now that the school year has started, I can’t play as much. The top-level hero out of my first 10 recruits will be upgraded to Rank 2 so he or she can help manage. Hope to see some new faces over the next couple of days!

My first post. Apparently, my title is not visible. My guild is called Guildy As Charged.

Oh. Now I see it.

When I started Gems of War, I did so with no help from forums. I did not know how a lot of things worked and made a few mistakes I wish I could unmake, but I ultimately figured out the game and it has been fun. I did not understand guilds so cautiously joined one to see if I could get a bead on them. I saw the tokens were good, though wasn’t sure how to use them, and donated money to causes that offered lots of tokens. I couldn’t understand why the tokens kept disappearing every time I checked in. I had no trophies to speak of, because at that time, I didn’t understand how they helped the guild, or how the ranking system helped me. After about two weeks, I tried to log in one day and saw the message that I was no longer in a guild.

That sucked! I know I didn’t donate a lot of money, but I donated money that was very important to me at that early stage of the game. Now it’s gone and I have NO BENEFIT from it. There is no way I will join another guild, waste my resources building them up, and then get kicked out! So I started my own guild. And because of my experience, I promise that nobody who joins my guild will be kicked out for any reason. You can donate to any cause you want, earn or not earn as many trophies as you want, do anything but post negative messages. And actually, if you posted negative messages, I would probably just demote you to a level that can’t post messages at all.

Anyway, that’s my story.