💎 A Hidden Gem 💎 - Under New Management! - No Requirements!

Don’t let the exclamation points fool you, we are here for the laid back, gem matching life.

We’re an older guild, and since our founding we have never required anything of our members. That means no weekly trophy requirements, no gold requirements, not even any seal requirements. Don’t feel like doing guild wars? Don’t, we sign up for the free rewards whether we play or not. Don’t feel like chatting with your guildmates? That’s cool, I get it, I’m an engineer. Wanna get away? We won’t boot you for not logging in for a while.

Who is this for? For a long time, we’ve branded ourselves as the guild for newbies who want to focus on leveling their kingdoms. One of our newer members just finished that milestone! (Congrats @RUination!) You get the trophy and statue bonuses without the guilt of not contributing. We’re still a good place for that.

But lately on the forums I’m noticing an increase in burnout posts, so maybe it’s time for some re-branding? If you’re a mid to end game player who’s tired of the daily slog, who wants to slow down, play with some funky teams, maybe not log in everyday (gasp!), and not feel like you’re a drag on your current guild, we’ve got a place for you here at A Hidden Gem.

As with all recruitment posts, let me know your invite code. The door is always open.


Invite code: RCDRIVER_66

Sorry about that my right invite code is: RCDRIVER_2

I am 90% of the time on mobile and 10% of the time on Steam PC.
My problem is I started as a new player just trying to learn how to play the game when I was asked to join a team named Bomboclat.
I have then notice that almost half the team has not been playing any where from a month to over two months, only because I have not been able to log into guild wars anymore.
I thought maybe this was developers of the game had shut it down temporarily until I read that you have to be a guild leader or rank 2 officer to even register. I was left still labeled as a recruit, which in the beginning I was registered and playing guild wars with no problem but somehow no longer.
I tried my hardest to reach anybody on my team through the message chat with no luck.
Just so frustrating that all this time I have been playing while still trying to learn more each day by myself with no help, and now I have realize I have been giving away all my resources with very little gain.
I would like to be on a team like yours which as you stated “laid back, never requiring anything from members, no weekly trophy, no gold and etc…” but in my defense I like to play
almost everyday and enjoy spreading out my resources and I am eager to learn a lot more of this wonderful Gem of War addictive game.

Once again sorry for the wrong invite code and being so long-winded in my explanation of why I would like to join your team.
I do have questions in regards to what do I do with resources that I am still holding on to as far as my PVP seals and does any of my progress or ranking continue or merge into your team?

Welcome to the team! Good luck and happy gemming!

Hello Xerxes,
Why did you leave the team?
I just notice you left the team and made me team leader!
I don’t know why you made me leader when there has been players on this team a lot longer then me?
I appreciate the confidence and I would still like to keep it the way you created the team, just a laid back relaxing team with no requirements.
The only problem is what should be done if some of the players on the team hasn’t played in over three months or longer.
I know this was also one of your statements “We won’t boot you for not logging in for awhile” but how long is awhile before starting to get concerned?

I’m not a member of your guild but let me chip in here with my thoughts. Anyone who hasn’t logged in for three months is unlikely to come back. You can expel them with a clear conscience, and give their spaces to others who will appreciate them.

Personally, even in an ultra casual guild, I’d expect to be kicked after one month’s inactivity.

Good luck!

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@Baldred Gave you solid advice, I was going to say the same.
If you are looking for more “justification” the devs have to remove Guild Leaders, and they wait for 3 months of inactivity, so there is your precedent. Those players are gone. If they come back? Great welcome them back, but definitely don’t feel bad about doing what is best for your guild. :wink:

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Sorry for the abrupt exit. It was time, personally I’ve been enjoying the game less over the last couple months. I’d been wavering and knew if it was going to happen, it had to happen promptly. I meant to say something in chat but forgot in the whirlwind of redeeming all my keys, glory, and gold.

I left the team in the hands of the player most dedicated. You had the most activity and most contributed for weeks. Plus, of everyone in the guild, I felt you understood the intent of the team best. From our interactions, I knew you’d be fine as a guild leader, especially ours since it’s not crazy competitive.

As for when to kick someone? I arbitrarily chose 100 days as the cutoff point, but 30 is fine. I know one of our guild-mates is traveling around Europe for a few months and she still checks in once every other week or so. Mosby is the only one I never cut because he was the founder and when leaving said he might be back. But it’s been 6+ months, and if he does come back he can always contact you/the reigning guild leader on the forum. There used to be a roster sort for last activity, but in the latest GUI update they seemed to have gotten rid of it, hopefully it comes back to make that job easier. If not, there aren’t too many who contribute nothing in a week.

Good luck, happy gemming, and my RNGesus be with you.

If you can add me, that would be sooo cool, been looking for a good newbie-friendly guild for ages :slight_smile: