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Guild Recruitment: Anam Kara

Hello everyone,
we have currently over 15 spots available. Post your invite code if your interested!

No minimum requirements regarding trophy or gold contribution, but semi-regular gold contributions are encouraged. It doesn’t have to be much, just contribute what you can.

90% guild bonus (Challenger Level guild),
Anam Kara is currently the #2488 guild in the league, with almost 5000 trophies.
All masteries 12+

Daily completions of key and gems quests.

Post your invite code and come join us!

Questions & Answers

Q: Why do you have so much free spots in the guild?
A: I have joined this guild a while ago, but it was almost dead guild. Guild master and people with higher guild ranks were inactive over an 150 days. I didn’t want to search for another guild and also I didn’t want to stay in dying guild, so I solved this with Gems of War support. The inactive people were dismissed from their duty and the guild is raising from the ashes thanks to the rest of us.

Q: What are requirements?
A: Almost nothing. We don’t care about level or super PVP player or whatever. We are just searching for people who will help us with guild tasks so we (and YOU) can reach and get better rewards (more active players = more keys, maps, souls, etc).

Q: What can your guild offer to me?
A: Well, we have guild guardians on the levels 12-14, so you will recieve a mastery bonus (12+). Also we are active at guild tasks as much as we can be, so you will recieve gold keys, glory keys, souls, treasure maps, etc. Moreover, we are currently Challenger in the PVP guild league (and we are still getting better), so you will recieve a 90% gold bonus.

Q: How can I join your guild?
A: Just post your invite code and we will invite you to our guild.

Q: Where do I find invite code?
A: Click on the setting button (icon of a gear) and at the bottom you can see “Your Invite Code: XXXXX”

Q: What should I do when I did not recieve invite to the guild?
A: Make sure that you are not in any other guild, because we can’t send you invitation if you are a member of another guild.

Q: What should I do when I don’t see initation in my mail?
A: Guild invitation will not show in your mailbox. You have to click on the guild button and the first guild there should be the guild, which sent the invitation.

I can contribute 50k-100k a week.

I sent you an invite :slight_smile:

I am sorry, I joined a different guild that was looking for members. They invited me before you guys. Sorry again, and all the best to you.