Guild ranked 91 in wars, but got level 100+ prize

According to the scoreboard, Gem Boiz placed in the 9th tier and is listed as sharing 91st place with the others in the tier, but we received the prize for people whose rank was over 100.

What was your final rank last week?

That 91 wasn’t your place in the last war, it’s the current place in this war. So you did well and where sorted up, and unless you come in dead last you’ll get the 50-99 this week.

But due to the way the brackets are set up, you can’t finish outside your bracket. Even if the top 90 guilds didn’t log a single fight your payout for the week would still be 50-99. You’d be sorted into bracket 1 for next week, and guaranteed no worse than 10th for that week, but this week would still be 91st.


Ah, gotcha. I’d thought that the raw scores were tallied at the end of the week to determine both the prize and the rank for next week’s positions. Thanks for the explanation!

It’s a little counter intuitive at first that you’re really fighting for next week’s rewards instead of this week’s. Except in the first bracket and edge cases (like yours actually, 99-100 being the edge in question) your reward for the week is fixed as soon as the brackets are set.