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Guild War Brackets - Need an Explanation

Hello everyone,
within the last guild war we got the 3. place within the bracket. No surprise in my eyes that we got this week the same bracket (which ist 46).
The problem is, that place 2 from the former war is AGAIN in our bracket…??

Here are the points, collected in the last guild-war, sunday night:
Week: 07/01/2019 - 07/07/2019
(Gruppe 46)

  1. Fiara’s Fervor --> 1.358k
  2. TBH: Alpha --> 1.337k
  3. Handwerkergilde --> 1.189k

Fiara’s Fervor ist not in sight for us, so it seems that they climbed (or fell?) at least 2 brackets.

I think this is demotivating and illogical.
Has anyone an explanation?

I am unable to explain why you remained in the same bracket as TBH: Alpha again as the top 2 winners usually progress up the bracket and the bottom 2 fall.
Fervor this week is placed in bracket 43, a standard increase we saw for the winning spot and i would’ve expected TBH in 44 or 45.
The bracket movement really needs some clarity.

Seems that noone can explain this. Even not a Dev?
Really “great”.

Sorry, but I’m a little upset about this “secrecy” about the brackets.

First place moves up two ranks, second and third place moves up one rank. Distance moved up can be higher in low activity brackets. It sounds like some of the guilds in your bracket played their battles late, displacing you and TBH:Alpha to below third place. Only the total score at the end of the event counts.

Good Idea… thank you for your suggestion.
Unfortunately both guilds were that much away from the other Guilds that they would never make this happen. (they all had a maximum of 900k or even lower as I looked)
Moreover, 1.337.000 points in bracket 46 are many points and not that easy to overtake.

Guild Wars battles save up throughout the week, any one player doing them all on Sunday can bump the score by 50k points. Even in top brackets it’s quite common to see some substantial changes in scores on the last day, more so further down.

But collection over 400k/200k on points and that for two guilds a few hours before the end (I think I noted the points at about 1 hour before the end)? that is very very very unlikely… (did I mention “very”? :wink: )
Moreover I often hear about issues like that. And as long as I know, even in the top brackets.

Almost forgotten… Fiara’s Fervor climbed 3 (!!!) bracket up.That clearly speaks against the 2-1-1.

So I will write down EVERY guild in my bracket… because then I should see the two guilds that overtook us in the bracket before us.

That’s the “low activity bracket” rule I mentioned further up.

Unless the climbed further up, which is somewhat likely to happen when they previously managed to claim a top spot.

I might be mistaken, isn’t it possible to see the results after Guild Wars week, up to before the next one starts?

Unfortunately not. :frowning:

There was no way another guild caught up as the 3 guilds that Marc stated above were the dominating guilds in the bracket.
(We were the only 3 that racked up more than +1m points by Sunday evening.)

The next day we had to scalp a member from TBH: Alpha on PvP to get their profile as we were so close and no one managed to see the final results (also oddly Taran’s has a gap in the results between bracket 45 - 48) and here’s the screenshots.

You can see that TBH: Alpha came through as the runner up and they shouldn’t have been placed again with the Handworkers Guild.

This is the last official note (July 2017) that was provided by Sirrian regarding the bracket movements.

There seems to have been some adjustments due to guild wars changing monthly but it should provide you with an indicative idea of how the bracket placement works.

Also it will explain the “exception” at higher brackets as Fourdottwoone was trying to highlight.

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Guild movements in low brackets were changed a few months ago

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Thank you for the answer, @noob. I could not find out, what is defined as a “lower bracket”. In my opinion bracket 46 is not low anymore… but my opinion may differ from the devs opinions.

Moreover, this does not explain, why both guilds remained in the same bracket.

@Fiara: Thank you for your outstanding information. It is very helpful. I just want to understand how it happens what I wrote initially…

I didn’t recognize the data from Tarans World.
With this data, I can clearly proof, that this is not the first time, that we remained strangely in a bracket. As anyone can see, we got the 2th place within the bracket in week 2019-04-08 (place 472) and exactly the same bracket one guild war later…? (Source: https://www.taransworld.com/GuildRankings/GW.pl?mark=)

It could be because the guilds in the brackets lower than yours were winning so much that they ended up moving up multiple brackets and “stole” the 2nd place guild and your spots

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Good idea… then the Devs punish active guilds because of very active guilds… strange concept, but you may be right.

If you ask me, they should prefer dead guilds (0 points) or 1-2 player-guilds (below 100.000 points/week) for this kind of things. There are not that much guilds of the two mentioned kinds at bracket 50- but we still get guilds like that.

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And still no explanation from the official side…

Well… I hope we will not remain a third time within the same bracket (46) and together with TBH: Alpha…
Noting against TBH: Alpha… but I wish that they will get up high cause we cannot stand against them. :wink:

I’m still curious how the bracketing is worked out, we’re a relatively low level guild and make maybe 100-200k points each guild war, because the guild is mostly casual low level players (most under lvl 100). Yet the last two guild wars we have been facing off against teams where the lowest team score is 12K and the guild has minimum level reqs of level 500. Even my level 1k hero has trouble with these teams sometimes.

So how does that work?

One of the reasons most of our players don’t do guild wars is because they get absolutely slaughtered by these uber teams.

So the question is really, how the heck are they in our bracket? Or why are we in theirs if that is more appropriate.

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Sound like they are a new guild with veteran players

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Scores 471 thru 480 would be in bracket 48. 461 thru 470 is bracket 47, so it may be you did move up 1.

Good luck to you, and please be aware that there are reports of Orc raiding parties throughout Krystara on multiple gaming platforms. Safe travels. :blush:

Ahh, I was kinda wondering that too. But when you look at the results, geesh, kinda wish they skipped our bracket.

Players that would normally participate, try doing one fight and then give up on it for this month … or forever.

As an open guild we have a high turn over of new players but I think the way they sometimes get slaughtered in guild wars contributes to that turnover.

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