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Guild War Brackets - Need an Explanation

@Angels: Well, now and then there are some Uber-guilds against you.

But if you are really at the lowest end of the guild-war-results, then you should climb up easily just if you are working with the following (just in case you do not yet know):
Put 6 teams with 4 units in the DEFENSE… All 24 Units should be different (different weapons count, too). The colour doesn’t matter for the 24 units.
Alone with that and with playing at least one game FOR the day, you receive 2.000 points more per day.
Makes 12.000 points and it doesn’t even matter if you win a game or not.
That makes 12k multiplied with your active team mates… and that should be many points. :wink:

Moreover, because of the motivation, your guild mates should choose teams within the ATTACK, that they want and like. In my opinion, this should provide more wins.
(And yes, I know calculated, you may get more points with even losing with a team that has the daily colour-bonus, but that doesn’t matter for the motivation.)


Well, we are bracket 177 so we kinda do expect to be playing against other low level type guilds.

But if new guilds are formed with uber/veteren players then I understand they will rise through the brackets and we will get promptly annihilated by them as they rise up.

Understanding it doesn’t make it fun though - just want to put that out there. However, it does make it less annoying now that I understand what is happening there.

There are 3 of us who use the specified colour teams for defense but we all use whatever attack teams we feel like using. So that is where we get the majority of our GW points from.

As for motivation to rise up, we are uber casual so it’s not something we are aiming for. We are in it for the fun factor. Players that want to get serious or competitive about stuff usually move on to more serious guilds.

well… what do you mean with “the specified color teams for defense”.
There is NO NEED to use the daily colour at the DEFENSE, as I already mentioned above. You don’t get more points if you use the daily colour within the defense.

At the early stage it is just important to use 24 different units/weapons (and play at least one gw-game of the day)… that’s it.
Later you may create teams that are good AGAINST a specific colour, so that you can use this kind of teams when your opponent has to play with that colour.

Hmmm, Okay. I’m getting a better understanding of the mechanics then.

24 Different defense troops gives you +12000 points (6x2000 awarded on the first fight of each of the 6 days)

Using troops on the attack team that mach the colour bonus for that day nets you an additive % multiplier based on your guild statue level bonus for that colour per troop of that colour. For example
Day 6 (tomorrow) is green so if my attack team has two green troops (Greed/Egg Thief) and my green statue gives +43% and an arbitrary battle score of 500, I would get the following:
500 + 2(500 x .43)=930 points for that fight or 2930 if it’s the first of that day.

The initial battle score being factored around length of battle, damage dealt, damage received, troops lost, disparity between the 2 hero levels and disparity between the 2 team scores? Or something.

Although Guild War scoring mechanics is probably it’s own thread somewhere.

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That’s awesome. Pretty much nails what my follow up questions were.
I checked forums after I wrote the post above but didn’t think to check there, lol. So thanks.

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