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Make GWs a Fun experience for ALL Brackets!

In light of the current discussion regarding collusion, the topic has been brought up several times about the need for a redistribution of rewards/resources.

It has been stated by the best Guilds in Bracket 1 that the difference of 500 gems between slot 1-2-3 is a HUGE factor in the FUN of the GW experience. My question to YOU, the gaming community, and to the devs, @Saltypatra @Ozball, is:


From Bracket 2 and below all of the rewards are static between 1-10. This denies every other Guild the experience of being a VICTOR and earning some unique reward for achieving said victory. To put it in other terms, only 300 players each week are experiencing GW the way that they are meant to be experienced, imho.

I think there should be a flat reward for your bracket and then scaled rewards within.

So Bracket 1 awards ALL participants 500 gems
Ranks then award additonal gems:

1- 500+500= 1000
2- 400+500= 900
3- 350+ 500 = 850
4- 300+ 500 = 800
5- 250+ 500 = 750
6- 200+ 500 = 700
7- 150+ 500 = 650
8- 100+ 500 = 600
9- 50+ 500 = 550
10- 0 + 500 = 500

Then each Bracket can be tiered accordingly and there can be clear gains for WINNING your bracket as opposed to being in Bracket 2 and below and knowing your reward is the same regardless of placement. That is a big fail in the reward structure in my opinion.

Disclaimer: I in no way mean to say that my above example is balanced or accurate just an example. :wink:


Great suggestion, brudda! :+1:


There’s one major catch here. Whatever happens, the current overall payout won’t be increased, it can only get redistributed.

Right now, the total gem payout for bracket 1 is 4900 gems, your proposal increases this to 7300 gems, so it’s safe to say it won’t get implemented. If you juggle numbers a bit you could probably still come up with a good revised distribution for bracket 1, where gems are abundant. I don’t really see how it would work out for lower brackets though, there isn’t much room redistribution there, a single gem probably won’t feel like much fun.


I personally like the idea but the problem is that either the rewards have to be raised higher at the top by a lot to prevent much narrower reward differences between ranks all the way down through the brackets (ie no real incentive to jump up a rank or 2 if the reward difference is too small) or you wind up justifying how the winner of B2 earns more rewards than the loser of B1.

Everyone that suggests this idea always uses B1 as their example which always looks fantastic. I challenge people to show what their idea of B2 through B5 rewards would look like. Pretty sure that’s where the hangup the devs keep running into.


This is a request that we’ve seen repeatedly and breaks down as soon as you dig into it. What happens in Bracket 2? Does #1 get 400 + 400 = 800 Gems? So #1 in Bracket 2 is better than #5 in Bracket 1? How is that fair to players in Bracket 1, particularly since #5 in Bracket 1 would smash #1 in Bracket 2. And what happens at Bracket 50? By that point, you’ve run out of increments so every tier looks the same. Which then means it’s better to get #1 in Bracket 500 than #2 in Bracket 50. How is that fair to people in Bracket 50?

This is also pretty transparently a “give us a sh*tload more gems” request so I don’t think it’s reasonable/realistic.

Lastly, more gems != more fun. In fact, I think GW is more fun not in the top few brackets.


Truer words have never been spoken.


Why not give 1000 gems to every participants?? Sorry but i don’t like it. Finish first must be rewarding more then 100 gems difference


I agree on that, so I think increased gem payouts for winners in lower brackets is never going to happen. Perhaps some reward could be offered though (like 3, 2 and 1 event key for the top 3 finishers in each bracket).


I can understand that opinion coming from a console player view, you have an absolutely clean Guild War compared to PC/Mobile. Its not many weeks ago there was a thread about trainers being heavily used for PC/Mobile version, I mean how can we PC/Mobile players ever trust we have a clean Guild War. I do not trust the Guild Wars we have here on PC/Mobile is clean until we have an official news thread claiming that rats is being set fire on and banned from the game more effectively…

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I agree with both of you that rewards as is does not allow for a decent distribution into lower Brackets.

Here is my counter argument- With the recent gem nerf to Tasks and LTs, the devs have given themselves the outlet required to justify an increase to gems in GW reward structure.

I do not know how many Brackets there are weekly… does anybody know off hand? For my suggestion I am going to work on the convenient assumption that there are 500 Brackets each week.

Flat Rewards should be handled as follows:
Bracket 1 of 500= 500 gems
Bracket 2 of 500= 499 gems
Bracket 27 of 500= 474 gems
Bracket 500 of 500= 1 gem

Inter-Bracket Rewards as follows:

  1. 10% of Flat or 10 gems, whichever is higher
  2. 9% of Flat or 9 gems, whichever is higher
  3. 8% of Flat or 8 gems, whichever is higher
  4. 7% of Flat or 7 gems, whichever is higher
  5. 6% of Flat or 6 gems, whichever is higher
  6. 5% of Flat or 5 gems, whichever is higher
  7. 4% of Flat or 4 gems, whichever is higher
  8. 3% of Flat or 3 gems, whichever is higher
  9. 2% of Flat or 2 gems, whichever is higher
  10. 1% of Flat or 1 gems, whichever is higher

Or some Glory, e.g. something like 500 for first position within bracket, 50 less for each position below. You could use that to buy the Spoils of War, which include an event key. It’s also something that benefits lower brackets more, where players haven’t yet progressed as much and could put the Glory to good use.


So first spot in bracket 1 would get 500 + 0.10 * 500 = 550 gems, last spot in bracket 1 would get 500 + 0.01 * 500 = 505 gems? That doesn’t seem too much of a difference.

Doing the math, this distribution scheme will increase overall rewards a crazy lot, like at least by the factor 20. Can’t see it happening, even if you get the person in charge drunk.

You know, maybe that is the answer @Fourdottwoone.
Maybe the FLAT reward is GEMS for Brackets 1-20, and then the Flat reward becomes GLORY for Brackets below that.

Then the inter bracket rewards should still be for
Brackets 1-20, % of gems
Brackets 21+, should get % of GLORY AND 1-10 gems depending on place


That’s not bad…

I like the idea @efh313 but lets make sure i understand it correctly. So the top 20 brackets are the only ones that would get gems as GW rewards and the lower brackets would only get glory?

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I’m deeply insulted by this, I am NOT calling for MORE gems, I am calling for more EQUITABLE experiences for players. I am in the top, I can tell you the ONLY reason I bother with GW is because it is now my SOLE source of Gems and I need to remain so.

Maybe the BEST solution is not to FLOOD Bracket 1 with nearly 5000 gems, instead, do away with the FLAT reward altogether, and just make it.
100 for 1
90 for 2
80 for 3
70 for 4
60 for 5
50 for 6
40 for 7
30 for 8
20 for 9
10 for 10


After all the fight is just as hard between 2 low level guilds as it is 2 top tier guilds, just at very different power levels.

THEN everybody gets the SAME EXPERIENCE and the real badge of honor is beating your peers NOT earning a disproportionate amount of gems.

But are the TOP Guilds REALLY interested in the HONOR of VICTORY or just the gems?

For Clarity: I would be 100% on board with this heavy reduction of gems, as it would bring GW back to what its SUPPOSED to be about, being the best amongst your peers AND might incentive the DEVS into putting gems BACK into Tasks and LTs!! :wink:


@Eika best solution, start over on console :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriousky yeah i agree it must be hard to trust when you know it can happen any time


I am almost ready to say we should just scrap GW altogether and forget it ever existed


I started out on PS4, then the Xmas break came and I was not able play on my PS4, so I downloaded the game for Android. And since then its only been PC/Mobile. But I have quite a few Legendaries on my PS4 account, I think I even have a Gorgotha. :wink:

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I wish i could but with the gems nerf, the only way to get decent amount of gems is that GW and since i want to get a good chance to get every new mythic i got not choice to play it


I mean whats the point in GW when its not clean. We just had the collision news going on on PC/Mobile…makes us all think about all the other things that might be going on on this platform.

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