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GW Reward Error?

My guild dropped from Bracket 2 to Bracket 4 from last week’s performance.
In this instance, do we get the Bracket 4 Reward? Or still Bracket 2 reward?
Logic says we get Bracket 4 reward due to our performance, but the description from the mail reward is very misleading.


It comes after the week ends, so you get it based on the GW that you had just finished.

So, since you were in Bracket 2, you get Bracket 2 rewards.

If you finished last in Bracket 2, you will still get the rewards from finishing last in Bracket 2.

In that case, our reward is wrong then. We are getting the reward amount as if we’re Bracket 3-5.
We were in Bracket 2, so we should be getting Bracket 2 reward?
But instead we got the reward for Rank 20+ and beyond, as if we were Bracket 3-5.

What do we do here? This seems to be a guild-wide thing (guild Celestial Peak).
Do we all submit support ticket?
Or is this because since we were last place, we were technicially rank 20th, and that landed us in the 20+ reward range? Is this working as intended? The last place of Bracket 2 not getting the 10+ reward range? So by 10+ it really means rank 10-19th?

20+ rewards means that if you finish 20th, as in last in bracket 2, you will get that reward.

So it is correct


As the paragon of the guild that finished 50th, this is unfortunately correct. It’d be nice if Guild Wars awards broke along brackets rather than in the middle of them.

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