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⭐ Guild of Gra. PS4 rank 3 / GW bracket 1 recruiting. All Epic tasks completed by us

Hi, looking for skilled players to join Guild of Gra.
Must be daily active, level 1000+ and able to score well in GW/Invasion/Raid/ToD.
Ability to communicate well is also essential.

Weekly minimums 400 trophies, 1 million gold. Participation in all weekly guild events.
Sentinels maxed for GW, daily battles.

We have a great community of people who help us succeed.
If you are interested just send me a message on PSN or here and I will get back to you ASAP.

PSN- Graeme_UK

Thanks :slight_smile:


What rank? What masterys?

Currently ranked #145 (and always rising), masteries are all at 22/21.

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I’d like to join.

I play most days of the week.



Sent invite. Welcome to the guild :slight_smile:



Love to join. Already in a champion league but these guys don’t contribute. I just bought all 36,000 for a task I wanted. Lol.
Thanks. I look forward to playing with you and getting better.

Sent invite. Welcome to the guild :slight_smile:

How do I accept? Got it. Thanks.

Im interested to talk about joining message me on psn Lord_Shynobi

I’m want to join.
Level 169, Celetial/Dragon Armour.
Invite Code: SPERBER_Q2UK

Invite sent :slight_smile:

Hello I would like to join, my invite is Brahms I play most days

Invite sent. Welcome to the guild :slight_smile:

Sorry…it seems like The invite failed por some thing, could you send ir again please?

Just sent again, hopefully you will get it this time.

I got it this time but instead of geting into the guild it lead me into the search of guild sección of the gane…maybe I don’t have some stat por maybe I’m buged por something…I guess I will hace to keep looking forma a guild…thanks for trying friend :slight_smile:

Hmm, that is strange, although GoW can be buggy lol. I sent another invite anyway just in case.

It was the Same for me. Pick the First Guild .

Still got room? Im lv 55 in a challenger guild but all the higher ups are very inactive.
I play fighting games competitively but this is my downtime game, I play everyday at least a couple hours.

Invite code: SHADE667_RDJZ

Thanks :wink: