Guild Hacking Possible

Requesting devs to look at the guild “BELTS and ROAD”

10k trophies in 12 hours, 1.1m trophies in just over 70 days.
People have troop amount over the limit of cap. (From 2 -3 over)
I am both on a high guild on PS and Switch so this advance is noticeable.

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I am not convinced, yet. Remember that a user’s account data is stored serverside (aka. in “the cloud”) thus any actual account hacking must by definition target the servers.

The sole suspicious data point here is the troop count over max, however there could be a legitimate explanation. For comparison:

  • I myself am listed at “1,004 / 1,127” troops – i.e.123 Unowned troops.
  • When I set my Troop filter to “Unowned” I actually count 124 troops shown.
  • aka. I have one troop card not otherwise counted in that list.

But was this indicative of any “hacking”? No, and I can even tell you which troop that extra one probably is: Burning Ocularen.

Because during its Faction Expansion weekend , I purchased exactly one copy of this Troop from the Event Shop, and the Troop wasn’t listed under the “Unowned” troop filter at that time (I checked); by similar logic the Troop probably isn’t acknowledged in the global Troop count. Which would be a bug, but a minor one (Burning Ocularen probably isn’t available in faction Chaos Portals for some time yet, but I don’t have enough Chaos Shards to test).

The remaining stats do not look unusual for a Guild of 30 highly active members (the Guildmaster themselves is a top-50 player in weekly event leaderboards, and their Underworld stats attest to a LOT of playtime).

Trophies definitely aren’t an indicator. That guild isn’t even putting out half what the top 2 switch guilds do. The troop count thing is a bit wonky, but a new season just dropped.

I am trying to see what the other troops there might be out of those numbers.

The trophies are impressive at any rate then. (Side note: Just don’t understand how the Switch leader trophy board has more than the PS leader board when the PS version came out years before hand. Most people I see talking on switch are a lot younger too.) I think these are members from NEWBIEE Guild that was once on Switch.

Was kind of odd that other members in the top guild do not have this troop overflow either

I wouldn’t see this changing at a questionable pace in a short amount of time.

It’s a knowing bug, like we have 187/185 pets :grinning:
The total troop count on switch is 1130 and for pet 187.
You can verify it easily in counting unowned troops you have.

I hope the developers look into it.

As for the troop and pet count, that’s been an issue at least as far back as when campaigns were introduced.

As for the other issue, it only matters when they get too many treasure maps, then it’s a real problem.

Callouts are against the forums rules, if you think someone is cheating you should send the screen grabs and your reasoning in as a report to the devs, not post it here.

Hey everyone,

We do not allow callouts on the Gems of War forum. I have closed the thread as this goes against the Community Guidelines which can be found here; Community Guidelines - #4 by Saltypatra

If you encounter concerns of this nature please use the in-game report button for things this like this.

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