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Guild Cutiepatootie - recruiting now!

Hey everyone!

We are looking for qt 3.14s to join our guild - Cutiepatootie.

Currently, we are rank 375 on the guilds leaderboard. We anticipate moving up further, and we would love for you to help us out! I’ve tried getting my friends and followers from my twitch stream to play, but most of them don’t play much. SO, I’m turning to the forums to generate more interest.


  • You get to be a qt
  • Some redemption codes for free stuff
  • Friendly community


  • Rank 375 guild
  • Guild level 62
  • All masteries ~24

I stream Gems of War at least once a week if you want to check it out - twitch.tv/felicity. My friend in the guild streams as well - twitch.tv/sc2draco

We are trying to build up a fun community where we can have fun together and chat about the game. Please consider joining if you are active! We would really like to recruit people who play this regularly to fulfill our dreams of getting in the Top 50 one day. #dreambig
We are looking for members who can get at least 30 trophies a week and can contribute some gold.

If you’re interested, message me your name and I’ll invite you <3



Bumping this because we need all the help! We are already heading to rank 1500 right now!! we are gainign so fast i love it :smiley: I really hope peopel see this and can help us more!!

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I think if you would mention your current Guild-Level or Mana Bonuses - u will get much more volunteers :wink:

Good Luck on reaching the Top 50!

We are Guild level 27 - mana bonuses are

Blue - 9
green - 10
red - 9
yellow - 10
purple - 9
brown - 10


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when u reach higher level then my current guild - i would volunteer :wink:

i keep my eyes on you - may the RNG god be with u all^^


Dear MrSnake, would you pls offer advice. What makes our level low… or what is like a good level where you think people would want to join. Do people usually just buff certain masteries or is it okay that we spread our out?

PS. THANK YOU FOR THE RNG BLESSINGS!!! omgg :scream::grinning:

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It is perfect to skill all mana bonuses with same weight. The reason is pretty simple: doesnt matter what team your members are running - everybody gets the same mana bonus for all colors…

Just think about a member that is using green and yellow mana as main and u pushed only red and blue - he/she would leave soon!

Its just fair for all when u keep the bonuses equal^^

Also there is no “low-level” - its just the fact that for example my current guild gives me higher bonuses. When u tell me u have only active players and everbody is spending gold so u can finish 10+ guild quests per week - i may would join u :wink:

MrSnake, we got 2mill+ this week in guild donations. I think we will continue to move up quickly.

It has been 21 hrs since the last update on our stats, so you can see how fast we have moved:

Guild level 32
Mana bonuses:

  • Blue - 12
  • Green - 12
  • Red - 12
  • Yellow - 11
  • Purple - 11
  • Brown - 11

Also, we have the best guild name. :smiley:

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can i join <3_<3 lvl 258 constantly comtribute

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Yes!!! Let me know what your invite code is and I will invite you!

Ok, i am convinced - i will send u my invite code :wink:

We are still recruiting! We would love to have more people who are active. We are still moving up in the ranks, but it is difficult because we have a lot of people who just started the game and some are only doing quests. We welcome anyone who is active!

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Let me know if there is a place for me.

I’m level 81, play almost everyday

I’d be interested in joining up if there are still slots open, level 170ish, only 2 kingdoms left to level from 7-10 and then I’ll be able to contribute a hefty bit of gold each week.

I would like to join the guild,i playing a lot,just started 4 days ago.Mostly farming treasure maps,so i have a lot of troops already.Almost got the 500 diamond for the best armor.Currently level 22,but i dont want to level fast,i trying to be very powerful for my level.If you can invite me,tell me here,i have a guild already,but i want to try a competetive one,where i can settle forever.

@Rezo @REC1971 @Grimlizzy
Will you guys be able to get trophies each week? I have a couple spots right now, I may need to kick someone who isn’t as active. If you are still interested, send me a message with your invite code :slight_smile:

I got my first 8-0 arena,and after i got the best diamond armor,i will begin to farm gold in pvp,so i think i can get a lot of trophies soon.Only need 89 diamonds.REZO THE RED PRIEST is my invite code.

Yes, my invite code is REC1971

I hope you can invite me in the next hour,if im worthy,i need to work,i already left my guild.

I tier 1 each week at the least, sometimes a bit more, invite code is Elizabeth_5