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Buddy and I lookn for chill guild!

My buddy and i got hooked on this game and we are a bit addicted lol. Weare hoping someone out there can hit us up if you got an opening for 2 decent novice players in your guild. Nothing overally competitive we are still learing some n just looking for fun guild with cool players. Thanks!

Hi - what platform do you play on?

Mostly our phones

OK - I recategorized your thread to the PC/Mobile recruiting category. That will help the relevant people find you. Good luck!

O nice i really sppreciate it … thank u!

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Be prepared for this game to take over your life lol, awesome game, huge timesink lol!

Do you use discord? I have a guild with a couple of openings, it is mostly lower level people, guild chat is not very active, but we share a discord server with our 2 other more active guilds. Always people to chat with on there

Hi Milkmoney. I’m with Dark Vengeance. We’re a newer, but very active guild with a mix of new, mid-level, and 1k+ level players. We have a very active Discord channel and lots of resources to help new players. We have a very friendly vibe and tiered reqs so new players can work on leveling and kingdoms. We have room for two. Let me know if you’re interested,