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Tacet is creating his own guild! ^_^

Hello everyone! On my Twitch stream today the topic of guilds came up. During it I decided that I will be making my own guild. We are intending to be one of the top 5 guilds when 2.1 goes live in about 1 month and will fight for #1 assuming the guild update is seasonal. I am wanting to start up the guild now just to make sure we are functional as a guild before the major guild update occurs.


  • 300k+ gold a week
  • 300+ trophies a week
  • Must have all level 10 kingdoms
  • Level 500+ and several 5 star kingdoms are preferred

PM me here on the forum if you fit the requirements and interested. Guild name is still TBD, but will contain the word “Dragon” in some way. Guild has yet to be created, but will be within the next day or so.


I’m sure your current one will miss you. Production and celebrity all in one.

I know. I have been watching to do this for a while now though. Main reasoning making me consider it is the 2.1 guild rework making guilds fairer for newer guilds.

Hopefully. @Sirrian (I think it was he) mentioned they were refunding all the tokens too so what if some things need those now instead of just gold? No idea just speculating, but it did seem like they were going to have some value for more than they provide for now.

That is why I am starting it now and not later. xD

As for the name, surprised you didn’t just go with Furry Dragons. Take your title and run with it. Sounds fun and inviting and deceptively hardcore. Like Bunni’nog but better.

Here is you a guild theme song :smile:
The Flys
Got you where i want you .

Awww, when I saw the title I was hoping that you were making a guilld where you would take newer players under your (furry? scaly?) wings and mentor them, building the next generation of master matchers. :disappointed:

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Who said he isn’t?

He did. :wink:

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I had a punch line but then I reread what you posted and realized I totally missed something. Oops.

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Sounds interesting. I can meet the first 3 criteria, let me know if you need a member.

Name has got to be ‘hello everyone’


Good luck starting a new guild it’s no easy task to say the least, guild Intrim number 1 for life baby!

Hey Tacet, I know you forgot about donating the minimum gold this week, so feel free to rejoin and fix this :smiley:


My bad. It completely slip my mind in the excitement of making a new guild. At least I did about 7x the trophy requirement this week in only 4 days. :wink:

Yep, forgetting the minimums after the rest of us put up over 10 million gold this week.

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At least you didnt forget to open the mails with stuff while in guild yet :smiley:

Its ok now, your girlfriend paid for both of you:D Good luck on the new path^^


I would give you the 300k+ if I could. It was just a simple mistake of forgetting. I am use to waiting a few days before contributing due to the game sometimes not recording data until later in the week.

Also, I already have a boyfriend and it isn’t Tech9neee. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are some Patchnotes? would like to know the changes in 2.1 even if we dont even have 2.0 on Console