🐅 Tigerclaw guild chat! 🐯 Friends may bring goats!

Hey guys and gals,

given a lot of other guilds seem to like this kind of space, and the state of the ingame chat, I thought we could try it ourselves. What do you think?

Invited to the chat so far: @AgedChimera, @captain_video, @dirttorpedo, @Fourdottwoone, @Pixie, @utfanx2, @mjolnir, @bonmots, @dreadzz, @exirabit


As well as @Gigi, @Gstarr, @LadyFae, @Manuel, @Moridin63, @Orion0212, @Ramius, @Richyread, @Rvdecw19, @Toxik

A few of us missing, not sure what your forum logins are.

Friends may bring goats?


Thx for the invite Bobomb.

Yes the chat ingame is horendous so I’ll be hap[py to discuss the guild future here from now on.

While I feel sorry that Pell left the guild I think that we need to enforce some kind of target if we want to remain competitive.

Something like a minimum of 500k gold, 300 trophies and of course max seals should be doable for anyone whiling to play in a guild in the top 10 rank.

As pointed out in the guild chat from Richydread we could have the top contributors with the highest rank, each time you end the week with less than the requirements you are demoted, if someone (who is not new) sepnds too long in the lowest rank he gets a ban.

Anyway I’m up for suggestions and I’ll do my best to meet the requirements every single week whatever they might be!



Some thoughts from my side.

We used to have pretty low requirements until the guild rework hit, expectations have been going up ever since. I can reach 500k gold, 1500 seals, 300 trophies consistently, playing about 20 PvP fights each day gets the job done. Other guild members who have been around for a long time might have less time at hand.

I’m not sure how to handle this in a fair way, setting the bar higher for newer members doesn’t feel right, kicking older members because the guild is outgrowing them doesn’t feel right either.

As far as contributions are concerned, my personal importance rating looks like this:

  • Gold is golden, it fuels task rewards, bonus stats and legendary goodies.
  • Seals don’t really matter unless it’s Mythic release week. I always save all my guild chests for that occasion, I’d rather get the new Mythic than another War.
  • Trophies are mostly cosmetic. Okay, there’s the increase to the daily bonus, which is kind of nice, as small as it is. I don’t really care about the rankings list unless there’s some carrot other than bragging rights attached. Guild Wars might change that.

Tying guild rank to contributions to give some feedback about how your performance is received feels like an excellent idea to me.


Good morning chaps, chapesses and associated goat hating brethren!

Firstly a shout out to @dreadzz who is clearly a distant cousin on my mothers side…:joy:

To the point in hand: I think that there’s actually been a few underlying issues that mean it’s not quite as black & white as people just not hitting the numbers. By that I mostly mean that as a group - as far back as early summer we’ve been flip flopping between 28/29 - 30 members. There were many weeks that I think no soooner had we recruited to fill the slot, we’d then loose another member.

So I think that the very first thing we should focus on is actually stability - ensuring we have a full roster will mean an easier distribution of resources and a fairer appropriation of the tasks.
I know that collectively we have been performing well in terms of reaching the legendary tasks each week, BUT if that is as a result of some folks feeling they need to prop up the contributions to sustain that on a regular basis then I can understand there being some resentment/make playing starting to feel like a chore etc. so we do need to help resolve that otherwise we’ll be back to loosing folks through burnout and/or poaching from other guilds.

In terms of the top 10 rankings - I think we’ve put quite a lot of effort into being in the position that we are and whilst it doesn’t have any appreciable effect in terms of rewards etc it does have a certain kudos to it that is worth fighting for.

In terms of the targets each week I think setting hard targets is needed and closer monitoring a good idea. What theses should be and how strictly they are enforced is a debate all on its own!
I’d air on the side of caution and @Fourdottwoone makes some good points - if you set it too high/enforce it too strictly you’ll probably hit burnout again from lower members (I’m including myself in that) which takes you right back to the stability section I mentioned at the start.
Don’t get me wrong - I think @dreadzz and others made some valid points and we should be thinking about ways to recognise strong performers and reward them just need to go about it in a sensible way :thinking:

Perhaps tracking the numbers over a week or two and then looking at the averages would be a fairer way?

E.g. Set donations to £xxx and monitor for 2 weeks. What was the average across the guild as a whole? If it’s significantly more then we announce that the minimum donation will increase by X% to £yyy the following week to give folks a heads up and give feedback.

The other thing to bear in mind is people’s play styles and times; Myself these last few months I usually start the week with £250k in donations. The remaining £250k comes across the week from keys, logins/towns and PvP etc. Whilst I have a lot of screen time in the game (probably 3-5hrs a day) my actual active time is likely much less due to nodding off (I have Narcolepsy - yes I know a match 3 game with repetitive music is probably not the best way for me to relax :grin::sleeping::grin::sleeping:) So for me whilst I’m probably there or thereabouts each week, it is spread across the week rather than all up front etc.

For the guild levels my thoughts were that they aren’t being used at the moment really so we could repurpose them whilst we wait for updates within the game.

My thinking was along the lines of having a couple of folks be able to take up recruitment, a couple more to take up communication (messages, weekly updates etc.) and a couple to track the stats etc. This would spread out the load a little, but allow some additional input from players that have been performing well, as a reward for their efforts.

Finally the very top tier/ GM would have final say on promotions/demotions and (should it come to it) retirements from the guild.

How we’d implement all that, and how we’d keep churning over is probably the tricky bit, but I think something like a Facebook group or Discord chat server is probably the way to go and then perhaps leave the ingame chat for guild wide messages etc :thinking:

…wow that was a lot of text…and all without nodding off I must be…:sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

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I just wish there were some additional options for getting trophies. I am very runic traitstone limited right now and the two primary ways to get any of those reliably are Maps and Explore, neither of which reward trophies (and probably rightly so). Fundamentally I agree with 4.21, Gold > Seals > Trophies but I can see how at least maintaining top 10 could help with recruitment on some level.

I usually get to Friday with around 200 trophies because I mostly play PVP from work (software developer so there’s enough downtime during compiles and the like). Grinding out another 100 trophies is a little annoying right now given the current meta environment. It’s already feels like a bit of a slog hitting Tier 1 by the end of Monday, but that at least has other, gameplay relevant, rewards that make it feel worth it.

Perhaps (and I’m coming up with this off the top of my head) if there were a way that being short in trophies could be made up in gold? I know it’s doesn’t really equate since it doesn’t prop up the league rankings in any way.

That said, if 300 needs to be the minimum I’ll make it work. This has been a great guild and I’d hate to have to go find someplace else. I think Richyread is right that we need to find a way to stabilize, and I think two major parts to that are completing the non-legendary tasks each week (with fair contributions from everyone) and 40K seals without relying on people buying keys (though I appreciate those as much as anyone we shouldn’t have to rely on it).

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Arena gives 30 for a full run, downside being that you don’t actually fight less, just different. I know the feeling though, I’m mostly doing Explore for Celestials, wish those were part of the legendary task pool…

I suspect it’s mostly a timezone issue. Our seals tend to fill up late on Sundays, once those not quite having reached 1500 seals realize it’s their contribution that’s keeping the last chest level from getting unlocked. Unfortunately, for some of us it’s early morning when the weekly event rolls over, so we only get to see the “seals done” message once it no longer matters. Maybe we should aim at completing seals by Saturday.

I agree that that would probably be ideal.

I honestly don’t feel like we need minimums unless you’re wanting 30 @AgedChimera 's lol. We just need a leader that keeps on the lower performers. I also like the idea of averages, or maybe monthly minimums, but that’s a lot of work and policing every person. I say we just use ‘keep up with everyone’ as a minimum for now and see how it goes. If people can’t even hit 300k gold in a week, they will be weeded out. Now that the ‘boss’ makes unrealistic numbers, I think everyone will step up their game. When pell didn’t make crap, what was the point of new people trying and or staying, ya know?

Walls of text when it’s first thing Mon morning for me… :slight_smile:

My personal opinion is that the 300/1500/500K minimums are appropriate for a top-10 guild. I’ve watched a number of players essentially beg for a spot in our guild since the new task system went into effect, knowing in advance what the payout would be, and then not meeting the stated requirements. Not just for a single week, but consistently low. There are plenty of good guilds in the top few hundred those people could join instead.

If we are committed to being top-10 ourselves, there has to be a minimum standard of some kind. The issue of not filling the soul tank until the last minute wouldn’t be an issue if everyone was on pace to meet that standard. The ceiling is 40K souls, not 30*1500 = 45K. The reason it hasn’t been filled by Sat or early Sun is there are specific players who are coming up a full 1000 short.

Maybe the majority of the guild doesn’t care about being top-10 or completing legendary tasks. If that were to prove to be the case, I myself would have to look at other alternatives.


Hi fellow guildies. Thanks for setting this up!!

Lots of good points and ideas have been shared. I think mins are good and fair especially in a top 10 guild.

I am one who finishes my seals usually on Saturday or Sunday depending on how crazy my work week is. I have always gotten them done (except my first week cause I switched guilds midweek) but it’s usually weekend before I get them all. If requirements are set for them to be done Saturday I will make that happen.

Hello Everyone

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Thank you fellow goat-tenderer!

For time immemorial, our guild has been built around the core belief that @Jainus’s goats must regularly be stolen.

We appreciate you joining us in our collective goat-larceny!


Hey :slight_smile: just sayin’ hi, hope all’s well in my old Guild :slight_smile:

And yeah, I really should do something about the goats… (though the goat troop in-game is clearly a sheep)


Hey, that’s cool. Didn’t know, but that explains a few things. Without meaning to pry excessively, when (and why) did you leave?

I was one of the first members of Tigerclaw along with Pell. When our old GL went inactive the guild almost died: Pell and I raised tickets here and he took over and revived the guild - and we pushed it into the top ten.

I left when an opportunity arose to join MatchMasters (then the #1 guild) as I was contributing way more than anyone else - but left on good terms :slight_smile:

According to GoW I’ve been in MatchMasters 505 days as of today, maybe there’s a special prize for that…

Edit: can’t quite remember how the goats came into it but it’s been an in-guild joke for two years nearly!


I agree with @captain_video, as a top 10 guild we have to meet the standards if we want to recruit players.

While I understand that some members don’t have the time, or the will to push to the requirements then there is no point for me and others that are already pushing these numbers weekly to stay if this is not enforced at some point.

The matter is in the hands of the leaders to decide wether or not thy do want to keep the guild competitive in the top 10 or not and I will respect if the answer is no, I will just switch to a more competitve guild.where numbers of other players reflect mine.

I will feel sad tho as I really enjoy playing with you guys but IMHO being in one of the top 10 guilds should mean something and that’s why I did join Tigerclaw in the first place.

Note that the next update should bring other ways to get traitstones and I’m quite impatient to see how that is implemented as I find PVP very reptitive and I don’t really like Explore that much either.

As a final note if one day I feel like pushing numbers to keep the guild up there is too much (make no mistake it happens sometimes that I’m forcing myself to do a few extra matches to meet decent goals). I will just quit on my own to leave the spot to players willing to. Kudos to those who play for 2+ years and still pushing!