Guild recruitment: Cutiepatootie recruiting new members

Hi fellow QTs.

We are trying to make our way up the ranks, and we would love your help!

Currently, we have a few members of our guild that are very active, while some other newer players are spending more of their time questing or treasure mapping. However, one thing that sets our guild apart from all the other ones is that we are cute.

Another thing is, we are starting to offer cash prizes via paypall each week for whoever gets the most trophies! YAY

Membership Perks

What We Are Looking For

  • Active member
  • Avg at least 80 trophies a week
  • QTp2T
  • Friendly

If interested, please comment below with your invite code! We welcome casual and serious players :slight_smile:

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Hi, Iā€™m interested in joining if there is still room.
Invite code: Demon Instinct

Absolutely! However, I just tried to send you an invite but it says your invite code does not exist. Could you check again to see if it is correct? Also, do you play on PC?

I am on PC/mobile. And that should be my invite code. I will try to attach a screenshot of my invite code to assure you. Can you please try again? Thanks!

Just sent it! Let me know if you got it or not :slight_smile: