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Wondering if we can get minimum level requirement raised above 100.

Also seeking a ban list. As it is now, people camp for a week and potentially rejoin 2-3 weeks later. Sadly there are so many I can’t remember them all.

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I’m not sure I understand why you feel Guilds should have a minimum level requirement for all members. I’m sure there are some very valuable players who do well for a Guild and they’d started out as below-100 players.

Please…Enlighten and provide details on why you seek the level requirement.

Also, what do you mean by “people camp for a week…”?

This is to prevent abuse of joining it seems. It is not until level 200 when plays start to really separate themselves from the pack. [quote=“Lady_Kendra, post:2, topic:14683”]
Also, what do you mean by “people camp for a week…”?

I have had this too, they think you have forgotten why they kicked you so after a week they rejoin.

My guild has a small weekly gold/trophy requirement. Some people join on Monday, contribute nothing and get kicked on Sunday. It’s a small number but I work for a living and also have things to do at home, the time I have for gaming is limited and if I spend it all monitoring and babysitting, I don’t maximize my own contribution to my team. A ban list would keep me from having to write down names and keep track of new people.

Some guilds want only level 1000+ players. In my case, players who are level 200-300 are the people I know have the understanding of the game and the dedication to make us grow.