Increase minimum level to join guild to 1000

The game is 3 years old and we still can only limit up to level 100 players to join guilds in guild options. Can we please increase this to 1000? If that’s not possible in the code, then how about 999?



Jointing a guild is of great help to new players. Increasing the restriction is nothing good for anyone.

I doubt he is saying that he wants to take away the 100 level mark, but rather have an option to increase it so it become even better. In the end it’s the GMs decision which players she/he wants to recruit. It’s a good suggestion in my book!


Am I incorrect that the level restriction only works for guilds with open enrollment?

I see. It s a irony. But I wonder this restriction may be avoiding against some strange behaviour making use of low-level account.

I failed to catch the irony of your post above. Out of curiosity, do you mind to explain where it is?

Because as you explained this post actually is to call for removing the restriction instead of increasing the restriction as it seems.

Thanks, think I got it now. :+1:

I don’t even know if the current ones works well (PS4). I’ve had mine set to min lvl 40 and still had lower level people join. We are set to open invite, but figured it would still need you to be lvl 40 or higher to join.

Sorry if my OP wasn’t clear. I am saying instead of capping level restriction at 100, as it is now, for a “public” guild; I would like to see that increased up to 1000. I believe this would help high level players find high level guilds easier. Currently the best ways to recruit are on these forums, global chat, and on playstation gems communities.

I may be wrong but I don’t think many high level players randomly join open guilds. They likely know what kind of guild they want and search out those guilds that are actively recruiting. Not sure I understand why you’d have open recruitment in the 1st place if you only wanted high level players.

Also, and not trying to be insulting, but even were I looking for a guild as a high level player, not sure I’d want to join one where leadership doesn’t want or is unable for whatever reason to actively recruit to keep the guild full of desirable members.

As I said I don’t understand the thought process and I’ve been in my guild for a LONG time so my view may be out of date.


Your point is well taken and I think this may be less of a concern for pc/mobile as opposed to console because pc/mobile players naturally come to the forums to recruit. I don’t think this same behavior applies as much to console players.

We also can’t really say how this would impact guild recruiting since it has never been implemented. The 100 cap has been in place from day 1 of game launch and just seems extremely archaic to me given the current state of the player base.

Point also taken.

Question: if a guild sets a min level while being open recruitment, is the guild hidden from a player’s view if they are under the min level requirement? Been a long time so I don’t know. So if you set min level to 500 (which you can’t currently do) are only players 500+ going to see the guild while searching or will they see it but just not be able to join it?

The entire process needs a revamp so that joining a guild via the search feature can actually viewed as something that might be even somewhat beneficial. The way it is now, it is a total crapshoot on joining a completely dead guild or partially dead guild. Level is a pretty arbitrary restriction as the filter to join a guild in the first place.

Been a while for me as well, but I believe this is correct. If a player does not meet the set level requirement then the guild will not appear to them.